My dream car

I need a new car. Or maybe not, it's not really clear at the moment. My car has been through quite a few pricey repairs lately, and after each time I throw down my credit card, I throw up my hands and say "Enough! Fine! Let's get a new one!"  And then reality hits, and I look at dozens of different models, ads, dealerships, options, Craig's List postings, and I get overwhelmed, and I gulp at the prices and think, no, maybe we can stick with Sparky for a little bit longer. Except that the transmission might be failing. Or maybe it will run for another 30,000 miles. Who knows.
A few years ago I played a game with some family members where everyone  wrote down their "dream car" and put them in a bowl, and then you had to pick out the papers and try to figure out whose paper it was from the car listed. I didn't participate because I honestly couldn't come up with a car to list. I guess because my dream car doesn't really exist... one that is paid for, that fills itself up with gas, self-cleaning (or at least one with all rubber flooring and a drain so I can just hose it out).
I've since added new features that I want in my dream car...

(1)THREE bucket seats for the middle row that can individually move forward and back, and LAY BACK individually... am I right? If the driver and passenger can have fancy moving seats why can't the rest of the passengers???   My kids fall asleep in the car and fight like cats when somebody wants to lean on somebody else... holy cow.
(2)Remember mini-vans that had the built-in boosters in the seats? Do they still sell those? Why in the world wouldn't they put those in SUVs too??? In fact, why aren't those in every back seat in every car ever made? I'd love to see the car seat industry disappear entirely.
(3) I still would like to have a third row of seats too, because we do use them every once in a while.
(4) Four-wheel drive, but only when I want to engage it. Safe and sturdy in the event of an accident, good ground clearance, and running boards so my kids can climb in easily.  And so I can get in too, when I'm wearing a straight skirt.
(5) My dream car would also have to have leather seats, "Oh crap" handle in just the right place on the passenger side frame, and of course a DVD player.
(6) It also has to fit nicely in my garage and not resemble a minivan whatsoever. Or a Hummer (no Suburbans for me). Or a hearse (no Ford Flex for me either).
(7) I'm not into a lot of electronic-everything gadgets on a car. Because that stuff breaks. Our old Ford truck had windows you had to manually roll up. My Explorer of course has power windows... and we've replaced three out of the four motors for them in the last two years. The newer Explorer I looked at today had "power third-row seats".  WHY?????? Because it's too hard to flip up a handle and push it down with your hand? Silliest option ever.
(8) I'm also very brand-loyal. I would drive a Honda, and possibly a Nissan, but probably not a Toyota. And certainly not a Kia or a Hyundai. I would drive a Ford, or a GMC, but probably not a Chevy, or Dodge. Kind of like I'll only buy a Sony TV. Are you rolling your eyes at me yet?

Remember the Weasley's car in Harry Potter? How it was just normal sized on the outside but magically enlarged on the inside? Perfect.
SIGH. Let's all cross our fingers and toes that Sparky will last a bit longer and NOT cost us any more money in the short term. A few years ago we started a savings account specifically for "our new car". The theory was we'd pay ourselves a car payment every month and then pay cash for a car, if and when. Well, it's been 2 1/2 years since our last car purchase and I don't have even 1/4 of what I need in that account. Hey Dave Ramsey, how is that account supposed to work if you keep having to drain it to fix your CURRENT car??
Wish me luck.