I got none. Can't seem to finish a darned thing lately, or come to a conclusion on... anything.

Craft room: Cabinetry/countertop dealio screeched to a halt a few days ago, and I can't figure out how to go about getting the next step done. Anyone who is more brave with a circular saw than me is welcome to come over and help!

Blog: has been seriously neglected, obviously, as I've had the same design and blog header for almost two months (gasp! It still says MAY!) I'm going to lose my whopping readership (what is there, like 4 of you?) if I don't post something new and exciting soon...

Father's Day: ?? Yeah. Nothing happened there. My lack of focus has manifested itself in a complete lack of ability to come up with any gift ideas or be thoughtful whatsoever. Dad, and Carl, you both know I love and respect you like crazy, right?

Wedding plans: Is it better to receive a bigger gift, and only have your aunt come to your wedding, or would you rather have both your aunt AND uncle come, eliminating the possibility of any good gift that might be in that envelope? What are you going to remember in the long run? Personally, I'm leaning toward the heavier envelope...

Diet? Hmmm... not so much. I've settled on a whole lot more exercise lately, instead. In my mind, at least, everything seems to be tightening up, although definitely not shrinking. It's certainly not changing those numbers on the scale. Oh well. There's a whole other blog post in the works, in my head, which is full of confusing numbers regarding this subject. Sigh...

Why can't people spell definitely? Or know the difference between "lose" and "loose" and understand how to use them properly? I don't get it.

See? Told you I couldn't keep focused.


Girls camp: Oh geez, why did I agree to this? Can't get my mind around it, or my heart into it. Will I need a flashlight? A coat? Will I have time to read a book? Am I going to be able to stand being around all those teenagers for 5 days? Are they going to listen to me? This seems like the wrong time to be trying to wean myself from Coke Zero... What are those leaders smoking, thinking I can teach 100 girls how to swing dance? Am I driving up there? Where's Lomia anyway? Ugh, I'm already anticipating missing my bed.

Scrapbooking: Yeah, I'm supposed to be making a sample chipboard birthday banner for July's project. If I had any idea what papers to use, I could assure you that it's going to be adorable, but alas, can't make up my mind there either...

Is Amberly's tendency toward indecision rubbing off on me? Ack!

Dinner: Where should the focus be? Eating balanced meals with an emphasis on veggies that my kids won't touch? Or trying to come up with, and stick to, some kind of budget? Or coupon shopping and eating whatever's cheap? Or trying to keep it simple and throwing mac-n-cheese and hot dogs at everyone? Or, trying to make kids try new foods, and starving them in the process? Seems like I jump around between all these categories on a weekly basis... how bout you?

Sigh, it's way too late, once again, and again, I feel like I've accomplished next to nothing today. Good night.


My goals as a mother.

In cleaning out my craft room, I found this list I wrote YEARS ago, probably before I ever had Allison. Nowhere else to put it, so here on the blog it goes... please don't comment if you think I've failed so far...! ha!

1. Have respectful, intelligent and sweet children.
2. Work side by side with my husband to give our children a full understanding of the gospel, and help them develop unwaivering testimonies.
3. Develop good habits in my children - cleanliness, politeness, following through.
4. Set a good example to my children.
5. Teach them the value of work and to be responsible with money.
6. Stress to them the importance of family.
7. Create an environment of open communication, where they feel comfortable talking to us.
8. Teach them to be physically active, and develop their abilities in sports.
9. Record the everyday moments.
10. Remember to play.


Turning 8 is great!

No, not Allison, silly, it was Bronsen's birthday!

They're BAaaack.....

And we've been monopolizing every second of their time we can get away with!
Aren't they cute...



The fact that my two oldest darlings want to watch TV 24/7 makes their mother crazy. And usually, makes us late in the mornings for wherever we want to go. And most often, creates an environment where it's just TOO HARD to get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, and basically get any chores whatsoever accomplished in the morning hours.

So, I thought I'd outsmart them. Last night I hid in my nightstand the remote control, without which it's impossible to get to the guide or change the channels on the TV.

Ahhh... everyone was up, fed, dressed, with jammies put away and beds made... and we were out the door exactly on time at 8am. Genius!

And I didn't even have to be the bad guy!

A even commented that it was easy to get ready when we don't watch TV! Ya think, kid?

Alas, this afternoon, they bypassed my system, put a movie in, and are using the DVD remote to watch that darned electric box downstairs.

I'll have to come up with another plan for tomorrow morning...


Ahhh... the lazy days of summer

Who the heck made that saying up, anyway??

This week in review:

Sunday - girls camp meeting for Mom, a fun find on Craig's List for Mom, stake conference for Mom & the girls, a nap for Josh
Monday - volleyball for Mom, picked up friends for free lunch at the school, library for the girls, nap for Josh, swim lessons
Tuesday - movie for all, a bit of flip-flop shopping at the mall (With three kids! With no stroller!), lunch at Carl's Jr., swimming at the Legacy, car trip to Scottsdale to buy another find off of Craig's List, swim lessons, trip to the gym for Mom, late night run for diapers
Wednesday - kickboxing class for Mom, dance class for the girls, trip to the Children's Museum for a few hours, nap for Josh, kindergarten assessment and registration at the school for Manda, trip to northeast Mesa to view Mom's exciting Craig's List find, swim lessons, a decision to list Mom's monster computer desk on Craig's List
Thursday - volleyball for Mom, birthday party at Makutu's in Tempe for kids and Mom, trip to the car wash (hooray!), swimming at Cooper's house, trip to NE Mesa for Dad to pick up part of Craig's List find for Mom, swim lessons, an amazing quick sale of Mom's desk!
Friday - kickboxing class for Mom, home to shower, trip to the library to pick up prizes for summer reading program (A read all 35 books in 4 days to get those prizes!), quick trip to the post office, free lunch at the school, swimming at Sean's house for the girls, nap for Josh, Major Cleaning Operation by Mom in her craft room, picking up the girls, camp meeting at the church, Major Moving Operation by Mom and Dad to get Mom's desk downstairs and loaded into the truck, AND the Explorer, very slow and careful trip to Apache Junction to deliver said desk, trip to NE Mesa to pick up rest of Mom's Craig's List score - filling up both vehicles completely, home to rescue Amberly from our kids at last
Saturday - unloading Craig's List stuff from vehicles, yardwork for Dad, camp meeting for Mom, much-needed Walmart trip, nap for Josh, cleaning the kitchen, movie date with Grandma and Poppy for the girls...

hold your breath - the week's not over yet!


Free CDs

Does anyone want any of these? Claim them, and then come get them out of my house! Some may or may not be worth something on Ebay, who knows... each have some redeeming qualities, especially, I think, the digital express one - has digital layouts and elements, etc. All of them have fonts and such...The last ones are Provocraft clipart... all four of those have some really cute stuff that I've used a lot on flyers, handouts, etc...

Cutie Patootie, Drama Queen, Piece of Work

Whatever you call her, I still love her to pieces


The ways of the slip-n-slide

Just like everyone's fingerprints are unique, so too are their slippin' techniques. Allison goes for the traditional approach, adding two eyes closed to make it interesting... Manda prefers a rolling flip halfway down... Josh likes to fall onto the slide at the very start, then crawl his way to the end (it lasts longer that way)... or, sometimes he just walks down the slide, fully clothed... Lando, however, wins the prize for "most creative"...


Two years old.

Happy birthday, buddy! We love you...