I guess I'm it...

"Tagged" for 6 Random Things About Me - - didn't I just do this?? Okey Dokey, I guess I'll try to come up with some more things about myself.

1. K.I.S.S. I do not like long posts on blogs. Don't be offended if you're long-winded.

2. I prefer to write down my thoughts, rather than speak them. I can never say exactly what I mean to, but feel I am much more eloquent in print. You'll never catch me giving a talk or lesson without the WHOLE THING typed out.

3. I've barely been anywhere in the world, really. Furthest west? Maui. Furthest east? I guess Ellis Island.

4. I LOVE my calling as activities chairman. Can't wait to start planning the next big thing! I believe they all should be huge, fabulous, blockbuster-type activities with a lot going on at each one.

5. I've been married for NINE years next week. I couldn't have married anyone better.

6. I live for deadlines. I would never get anything done if it weren't for them.

I'm like that kid picked last for the team in grade school, so most everybody's already been tagged on their blogs, but I WILL pass this tag onto Janna.

Slide Show... Enjoy


the newest Mr. and Mrs. Scott!

We went to Albuquerque this weekend for my nephew Aaron's wedding.

The day was gorgeous, crisp and cool, and the temple was beautiful surrounded in fall colored trees. I will post more pics if I can get a slide show up!


Happy Halloween!

SIGH! It's all set up, wonderfully, and I think it's going to be very very fun, for both the kids AND the adults. What, you ask??? Well, the Vineyard Ward Frightfully Fun Halloween Fest, of course! YEAH!! I think Jackie might never speak to me again after this, but hey, that's what VT partners are for. I think.

I must also give a shout out to Rachel Austin, who REALLY added a lot to this thing to make it great, plus the Reissners for their fabulous Mad Scientist Maze Haunted House! Thanks everyone! I will be in Albuquerque in about 12 hours, and will miss the whole thing. Someone take some fabulous pictures for me please!


How great shall be your joy

How great IS this JOY, anyway!? Love it... If you like the paper I used, I know this great little person you can buy it from...


My 100


I know you'll take it too. Because I just know.

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My First List

Favorite TV shows:
• Heroes
• Project Runway
• Scrubs
• American Idol
• Any having to relate to designing or flipping houses

Things I'm looking forward to:
• Having the Halloween Party set up and DONE
• Going to Albuquerque this weekend
• Seeing my girls in the primary program on Sunday
• Next week's Heroes episode
• Being able to yell "Off with your head" on Halloween

Things I want in my next house:
• Gated community - - and/or a better neighborhood
• Three-car garage
• My office/craft room downstairs
• A pool with a boulder/waterfall feature
• Pretty much every upgrade I have now. HA!

Favorite foods at the moment:
• Green chili
• Prime Rib
• Vanilla Coke Zero
• Dark chocolate covered almonds
• Crepes with bananas and chocolate chips

What I'm good at:
• Uh...... guilt?

What I'm proficient in:
• Writing/Spelling/Grammar
• Scrapbooking
• Physical stuff - rollerblading, skiing, batting in softball, etc...
• Playing the piano
• Cleaning my house

Wish I was better at:
• Feeding my family balanced meals
• Routines
• Navigating my new computer
• Organization
• Expressing gratitude

Things I'm a little obsessive about:
• Making beds every day
• Cleaning the floor
• My girls' hair
• Washing my hands
• Dealing with the mail the instant I see it

My must-haves - I must be in a "P" mood. I like alliteration.
• Pedicures
• Proactiv
• Peanut Butter, extra crunchy
• Pistachios
• Photoshop

Mama's got a brand new blog

Okay, so here it is, with not much fanfare, and hardly any "design" at all to start, but at least it's here!

Reasons for Shellie to blog:

I LOVE to write, really I do...
I enjoy reading other people's blogs. Makes me feel like I'm somewhat keeping in touch with those outside my four walls.
I need a quick place to jot journaling ideas for future scrapbook pages.
I think my kids are cuter than anyone else's out there, and I need a larger forum than my scrapbook to share the proof.
I want an excuse to make all of those "lists" everyone does - I like lists.
I really try to be funny. But I'm more funny in print.