It has happened.

Guess who weighs 47.5 pounds at our house, and guess who else weighs just 45?


Preschool Graduation

Manda is making the big leap to kindergarten in 2 months and 7 days! Here's my little cutie patootie at graduation - sometimes I can't get over how photogenic she is!
Thanks Sister Meadows! We will have to think of excuses to still come to your house twice a week next year!

Josh didn't mind the festivities either, what with the cool hat and all the cookies he could stuff in!
2 months, 7 days until I have two children in school, all day long... ahhh....


That little man of mine...

is such a sweetheart! 8 days until his 2nd birthday! No, he still doesn't talk, but he is pretty good listener nowadays - I love it! For many months, he insisted on pulling his blankets and pillow out of his bed and toting them around all morning. A few weeks ago, when I'd get him out of his room, I started saying, no, please put your blankets back... he resisted at first, but then, what do you know, he started doing it! Every day! The past few mornings, he never even took them OUT of his bed! And just now, as I got him out of his room, I asked him to turn his light off (nightlight). Funny, he tried to reach up with his foot and switch it just like Mommy does! What a good boy! Now if we could just train him to stop refusing his dinner...


Time to lighten it up

because really, seeing that photo every time I open up my blog is just depressing. On to better and brighter...

Fun things:

IDOL FINAL IS TONIGHT! Yee haw! I actually didn't watch it last night, shocker, because I'm saving up to watch BOTH episodes of the final this evening. Can't wait... and can't make a prediction, either, because I haven't seen last night's yet... who do you think??

SHOPPING for one of these - which one do you like? A, B, C or D? I will be carrying one of them soon...

Bought THIS this morning. And I need to lose an inch around my waist in the next 5-7 days before it gets here, or it's going to be too tight and depress me when I try it on. Any suggestions?

Our CROP is this weekend! Still need to nail down the final details! Are you coming?

Jake leaves for his MISSION in one week! Yay for him!

Sucky things:

My BENCH got stolen over the weekend. I'm TICKED.


"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" - the Wizard of OZ

This is Scrap Happy's husband, Nick, and I have hijacked her blog to ask a few questions. Why in the world is Obama the President of the United States? I know the obvious reason - he won the election, but how in the world did he convince a willing majority to abandon our founding principles in exchange for an elusive socialist dream? I know - hope and change, but now it's time to live in reality.

For those who have even the slightest motivation to look beyond Obama's handsome face and conduct a scrap of policy analysis, aside from listening to his flowery rhetoric. I invite you to read the following articles about Obama policy decisions and the auto and financial industries.

Obama's Ultimate Agenda by Charles Krauthammer

Tincture of Lawlessness: Obama's Overreaching Economic Policies by George Will

This isn't about partisan politics; this is about discerning right from wrong, truth from error, and wisdom from foolishness. These actions are eroding our social contract, namely the Constitution. For those who easily dismissed factual and objective analysis before the election, please enlighten me as to why you voted for this guy. If you are still enthralled with him, please provide your objective measures by which we can assess his performance.


Idol Finalists.

I was right, I was Riii-iiight.


Idol Recap. I'm now in LOVE with Kris.

SO... what did YOU think of last night? Let's start with the judge's choices.

I'm with Simon on Kris' Apologize - I thought he did a great job, why fault him for arrangement? Although - didn't Archuleta perform this WITH One Republic last year? Am I mistaken? Because in my foggy memory, THAT was way better than this one.

Danny - UGH, hated Paula's song choice. Seemed like he sang ONE NOTE the whole time. Totally dated.

Adam - Oh, I wanted this to be good, so much... but maybe I just am too in love with the original "ONE" to hear it altered like that. Left a bad taste in my mouth. I think U2 is one of those untouchable bands.

Danny's "You are so beautiful" was okay, but a little boring for me.

Adam's "Crying" by Aerosmith I thought was a BRILLIANT choice, but did the backup singer on the chorus drive anyone else crazy?? Sheesh.

KRIS - HEARTLESS??? You kidding me? LOVED every second of it. I will for sure be putting that on my blog playlist. Yeehaw!

With that said, my prediction is that... Adam and Kris will duke it out in the finals, and that DANNY will be going home tonight. Or should I say, Danny's the one that SHOULD be going home. We shall see...


Ready, Aim...

Of all the photos I've ever shot, this one's my FAVORITE.



So my life has been ultra dulls-ville lately, and I don't feel like I've got anything to blog about... but I'm tired of looking at that silly Christmas layout up on this here blog that I've still got six kits for... I thought it would be a hit - I guess not! Sigh... here we go with a new post!

Things I'm thinking about:

Needing a trip to Costco, and wondering if anyone's going this week...
The fact that I didn't do a darn thing for our moms for Mother's Day. I'm such a slacker...
Scrapbook night on Thursday, and wondering who's coming.
How J will do at Father's and Son's this weekend.
Heading to Safford this weekend.
What I'm going to order to eat at Casa while I'm there.
Our crop, coming up on the 22nd, and needing to plan the details!
Taking our house off the market - shocker!
Buying land for a cabin in Forest Lakes, hopefully.
The fact that I can't afford a trip to Maryland, yet I'm considering buying a lot for a cabin.
How many calories are in everything I eat...
The P90X workout, wondering if I could do it. Those jumping pushup-things look impossible...
The fact that J STILL doesn't talk. He'll be two in three weeks.
Not buying whole milk, ever again, starting in three weeks. Woohoo!
How to potty-train someone who's stubborn and doesn't talk.
How to handle M's temper. It's so violent it's scary sometimes.
How to help A learn to make decisions. She's having the hardest time lately...
What the heck to do for J's birthday, and when.
The volume of half-finished scrapbook layouts in my craft room - downright staggering.
The fact that my girls need summer clothes, in a bad way.
Getting a pedi before Friday.
Wanting a novel to read this weekend. Any suggestions?


Christmas in May

or rather, Christmas LAYOUT in May. Make a comment and let me know ASAP if you want to put together this 2-page 12x12 layout this month. Kits are $6 - and there are EIGHT, count them, EIGHT of them still available. Everything will be cut and sorted for you - all you need is your basic adhesive and tools to put it together. Scrapbook night is Thursday, May 14th at 6:30pm, at my house. See you here!


How to host the perfect kid birthday party:

#1 - Have it at someone else's house. Preferably, with plenty of space for lots of kids to run around.
#2 - Have the weather cooperate beautifully.
#3 - Two words. Bounce. House.
#4 - Have pizza, mini-size water bottles, and ring pops for each kid.
#5 - Have a cool theme so your guests can come dressed up. Okay, so the theme wasn't "New York Pirates" - it was just "pirates" - but you get the drift.
#6 - Have non-messy pirate booty and balloons for guests to take home.
#7 - Did I mention the ring pops?
#8 - Have Robyn, Scottsdale's own "Ace of Cakes" create one of these beauties for you. It was complete with canons, a plank to walk, canon balls, and a mini pirate ahouting "aaaargh!" Okay, so he didn't shout, but he seemed the type that would. Thanks Robyn, my kids had a GREAT time. And Happy Birthday to Jacob. Thanks for making it to four years, buddy.

More Museum Daze...

Ahh, I love the children's museum. There's a place in almost every room for me to sit down and zone out, I mean, watch my children attentively while they get filthy, I mean play. Josh decided he needed some protection this time. But then he realized, hey, I already HAVE a bump and bruise on my head, what's this thing going to help? So he took it off.It's even better when we can take friends or meet cousins there...
Manda and Jasper pretended they were getting married here... question is, how do they know about walking through the veil, and who's leading who here, anyway??