Halloween Tag

I heart Halloween. A lot. We consider costumes all year long at my house. We've got a fun family thing planned for this year - I can't wait! Things are already starting to trickle in from Ebay...

I also have a special place in my heart for my many decorations. And I add more each year. These are a couple of my favorites. Wanda the Witch, and my monsters (it plays a song!) I have a witch collection that's going on 12 or 13 years at this point. Nick likes to call them my "army of darkness". They are all lined up on the piano. Thank goodness we bought this hutch, too, so I have lots of room to display everything. It's perfectly acceptable to have a group of skeletons sitting next to our church history books, right? So here's the tag: post pics of your favorite Halloween decorations on YOUR blog, (I want to see your stuff!) then leave me a comment, and you could win one of these... the first is a fabric piecing pattern you could make some kind of pillow out of, or a wall hanging, or something... and the second is a random Halloween cat. But we're not into cats at this house. Not even stuffed ones... I know, I'm odd.

Just think, one of these could be in the mail on the way to your house...and out of mine! Yeah for decluttering!

Visualizing Success.

And possibly a waistline.


Mommy needs a job.

because she has a little too much time to design this here blog...

Cupcake Pops - a how-to

If you're really wanting to make these, I suggest going to Martha Stewart's website and watching the video on it. The red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is divine. Tips: Cook the cake thoroughly - I think better to have it completely cooked and not so moist. I would also use colored candy melts instead of almond bark next time (because when you add the food coloring liquid, it changes the consistency and makes dipping more difficult...)
I believe that you can see the tutorial on Bakerella.com. or here.


Water Party

Why is it that Allison can't look straight ahead in a group picture???Really, Finn, that's impressive.My crazy twosome...
We love Jonas.Soggy bottom boy...

Pizza Night

Every Friday is Hot-N-Ready at our house, much to my chagrin sometimes. But hey, all three of my kiddos love this stuff. Including Josh - Here's the proof.
And here we have proof that Allison will eat pizza. As long as it's from Little Caesar's. And it's cheese. And it doesn't have any funny cheese bubbles. And she doesn't have to eat the crust.Here's proof that there's pizza under all those crushed red chili peppers. I think.And here's proof that Manda's hair does get done every once in a while.


My first attempt at Cupcake Pops.

Well, at least they TASTE good. And I don't think 4-year-old preschoolers much care...



You just may be the next contestant on the Price is Right! That is, if I get everything organized and all the scripts written in the next day or so... Wish me luck... and I'll see you at the church at 6:30pm, Friday night! Remember to wish Manda happy birthday that day too!


Trick or Treat Blocks.

This is what ours would look like. Found the font. Designed text. Changed the "or" block = I like this idea better. Added a little candlestick under the "E" and added a spider and pumpkin as accents. How about making some kind of stiff web to place behind the whole thing?? My friend will cut the vinyl sets for us. If we get 20 people together, it will be $7 a set. In the three colors, even. PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT WITH HOW MANY SETS YOU WANT. Deirdre - how much can we get the wood cut for?
Here's our spider. Jackie, you're in charge of figuring out how to make these.

Anybody wanna make these with me?

I also want to bling them out a little more, glitter, rhinestones, 3-D spiders, etc...


Week in Review.

Been eating lots and lots of these.
Watched these guys totally biff it. Can you say U-G-L-Y?Cuddled with this guy a lot, not feeling so hot. Waited as he took a five hour nap yesterday.Witnessed some of this, along with plenty of the opposite.
Figured out how to make these. SO CUTE! Wanna buy one?
Canned this stuff. Anybody want a taco?
Watched these two in the Primary program on Sunday.
Gave in and gave this one her birthday dress a bit early. She has been a stellar example of helpfulness this week. Love her.Enjoyed this with the girls.Laughed out loud at this. YOU KNOW WHY!

YES on 102

On November 4th, Arizonans have the opportunity to say YES for marriage by voting YES on Proposition 102. Prop 102 is 20 simple and clear words that define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

It's that simple:

"Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state."

Prop 102 does one thing and one thing only - it defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Arizona.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is taking an active role in getting this prop passed - like I've never seen before. Do your part and spread the word!


Why I'm voting for McCain.

I'm not going to even pretend that I know 1/4 of what I should about the issues at hand, the economy, or the candidates. However, I can't sleep tonight with all that is swirling about in my head.

Why McCain?

ETHICS REFORM. The one thing I absolutely adore about John McCain, is his stance on wasteful earmark government spending. He is the ONLY. ONE. WHO. CAN. EVER. TAKE. THIS. HIGH. ROAD. on pork projects. You HAVE to love that. What the heck are lobbyists going to do with themselves?? {Insert maniacal laugh here}

(Washington might not get a lot passed in the next four years with his "Name and Shame" promise, but I'm giddy looking forward to it. Aren't you?)

TRUST. Though I'm not completely enamored with Governor Palin, I admire the choice of VP candidate considerably. She is strong, she is so NON-Capitol Hill, she is right on all the issues, and though she is hugely inexperienced in foreign affairs the point is that I TRUST HER IMPLICITLY TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. I can't say the same about any of the other guys on the ticket.

ENERGY. Energy and oil independence? I think it's a pipe dream, but I think with Alaska's natural gas pipeline and McCain's willingness to "Drill here, drill now" that great strides can be made, if Congress will just let them. Holy cow, just let us build a friggin' nuclear power plant PLEASE!

And speaking of the environment, will everyone please just SHUT UP ABOUT THE WHOLE GLOBAL WARMING JOKE. I'm so over it. Thanks.

NATIONAL SECURITY. No one can touch McCain's experience or understanding of this. I know Barack hates that "the surge has worked better than anyone could have imagined." We will stay in Iraq until we're done - anything else would put us in danger. Hillary even knew this.

Barack - - "I'm not worried about Iran." What the H?????

If he is the candidate spouting "change", then why did Obama choose Biden as a running mate, an old time Washington cronie?

It worries me that Obama has a record of surrounding himself with some bad-news people, and then he's denied it, or tried to make excuses for them. This anti-American Reverend Wright character, for example, scares the crap out of me - it's amazing that he's got his congregation to listen to him for this long. "God damn America?" We deserved 9/11? Come on.

SOCIAL ISSUES. Obama's stance on abortion is just plain wrong. And scary. "I don't want my daughters PUNISHED with a baby." Are you kidding me?

Hey Barack - I believe in pro-choice too! Like making a choice of which people to associate with. Like making a choice of where to spend your time. Like making a choice whether or not to sin. People do not, however, have the choice to murder a child. Choices = consequences. Remember the plan? Apparently you voted for it ONCE, or you wouldn't be here!

Who is going to get appointed to the bench, I wonder? With all of the crap lawsuits in California, like THIS ONE, it makes me supremely nervous... If they get away with stuff like this, what do gays think they're going to force next? What if they demand to be baptized or married in the temple and sue the church? Ack!

Hey Barack, quit calling me "White folks"! I honestly believe this guy's a racist. He can't seem to get over the fact that he's black, for heavens sake. From his book, speaking of Malcolm X, One line in particular "stayed with me," he says. "He spoke of a wish he'd once had, the wish that the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged." There is SO MUCH MORE on this topic. Holy cow.

And the lipstick on a pig comment? He's just a jerk on this one. Try backpeddling all you want. I'm not buying it. And by the way, Barack, you are NOT RUNNING AGAINST GEORGE BUSH. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON.

Yep, McCain/Palin it is.



Single, educated, clever, successful, temple-worthy LDS man who is funny and charming, and doesn't have a closetful of skeletons. Bonus to live in close proximity to Annapolis, Maryland or near Phoenix, Arizona. Entrepreneurship is good, understanding of technology even better. Strong financial portfolio is a must, though hers will still probably blow it out of the water. Seriously folks, it's about time to marry this beauty off... we're quite anxious to meet her match!


Ah, the joys of the English language

Conversation with Allison this morning, as I was doing her hair and applying some blush on her cheeks (it's picture day) :

"But MOM,
we can't wear MAKEUP to COMPUTERS!"

"What? Why not?"

"Because there's a SIGN
that says

I love the fact that she can read.


The House of Heat

Been hanging out with these ladies for the last couple of weeks. (Does Deirdre look like my prom date or what??) Oh, and these guys. And in case you were wondering, ASU football ROCKS. I didn't realize how much I missed going to the games until the first fireworks went off last week...! WOOHOO! I LOVE the energy in the stadium, the sea of gold T-shirts in the crowds, having an excuse to be outside at night... even when I'm soaked with sweat... and I really appreciate that the raucous students all around us in our section are more committed to partying than coming back after halftime! It makes the second half just THAT much more pleasant! GO DEVILS! We're 2 and 0 - and counting!

Like, totally!

No really, gag me with a spoon! Throw in that mixed tape of Debbie Gibson and Richard Marx while I peg my stone-washed jeans and rat my bangs. Did you borrow my hypercolor t-shirt? Because I like REALLY wanted to wear it with my mini skirt. NOT!

Why the throwback to junior high in the eighties? Because after going to my totally rad dentist the other day, I'm once again wearing one of these,which I've had since the days of blue eyeshadow and George Michael and big plastic earrings. Don't have a COW. Let me heave a sigh for the good old days... or should I say... PSYCHE!


Need a laugh today?

Well then, read


I'll show you some holiday spirit! Take that!

Apparently Josh thinks I have gone over to the dark side right along with the Grinch and Scrooge McDuck, and started whacking me with his gift-wrap light saber this morning to knock some holiday cheer into me. He then proceeded to battle his sister...

Please don't judge me on the lack of organization in my craft room, nor the lack of clothing on the bottom half of Josh's person. Pants are overrated for pajama-clad Christmas-elf-jedis, anyway.

A mystery to me...

My almost 7-year-old is, well, almost seven. And unnecessarily wears a pullup to bed every night 99% of the time. Uncannily, however, the two or three times she hasn't this summer, guess what... I've been washing bedding the next morning. Including today. I'm even going to have to wash her quilt, dust ruffle, and clean the carpet in her room today too. I keep thinking she's over this! Grown out of it! What's the deal-i-o? We don't get her up at night anymore - a lot of times she gets up on her own. Even when she doesn't, she still wakes up dry. She doesn't drink too much (I don't think, but who pays attention?) How does her sleeping body know when she's not wearing a princess pullup? Sheesh! Honestly!Seriously, folks - what's the solution?? Is my daughter doomed to wear a pullup forever? What the heck is her husband going to say??



Rules: Respond to each question using one word and than tag 4 other people.
1. Where is your cell phone? car?
2. Your significant other? Nick
3. Your hair? Ponytail.
4. Your mother? Coming!
5. Your father? Talented.
6. Your favorite thing? Josh.
7. Your dream last night? huh?
8. Your favorite drink? Coke Zero with Vanilla. Oops. Four Words. Oops. Seven. Aaagh!
9. Your dream/goal? Wealth.
10. The room you’re in? Office
11. Your hobby? Blogging
12. Your fear? Death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? How bout in a SIZE 6?
14. What you’re not? Patient.
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. One of your wish list items? Boat.
17. Where you grew up? Safford
18. The last thing you did? Web Search.
19. What are you wearing? Loungewear.
20. Favorite gadget? Sandwich 4-triangle-cutter.
21. Your pets? Never.
22. Your computer? MAC, baby.
23. Your mood? Distracted.
24. Missing someone? Amanda.
25. Your car? Explorer.
26. Something you’re not wearing? Makeup.
27. Favorite store? Ebay.
28. Like someone? Mostly.
29. Your favorite color? Pink.
30. When is the last time you laughed? Last night.
31. Last time you cried? ?