This is going up on my wall soon. It's going to be about 44" wide. Want one too? $15 and it's yours. Or you can have this one for $12. It's about 28" wide.You're so lucky - I've already done all the deciding of fonts and designing, all you have to do is buy it! I will even make the trek to the post office and ship it to you...


Idol Top 10.

It's been a while since I've shared my thoughts on Idol - maybe I'm a little bored with the show. Gasp!
I definitely have my favorites, hello Siobhan! And Casey! But I've yet to fall head over heels over any performance yet - we'll see if they get any better.
Glad that Regina-Specter wannabe Lacey is gone.
I would have liked to see Paige AND Tim go home last night, but I'm sure he'll leave next week. Put him on Disney Channel and he'll fit right in.
I dig Didi's voice and vibe more and more, but the judges seem to have a love/hate thing going with her, so I don't know how long she'll last.
Katie, hmmm... I sort of like her, but not as much as I did during auditions.
Big Mike - I swear, if anyone ever put "Big" in front of my name I would HURT them. You?
It's sick how much the judges swoon over Crystal. She does seem to have gotten nicer, so I'll give her props for that, and she tries to appear more made-up and more girly every Tuesday night, doesn't she?
N says that Andrew Garcia looks like this Korean dude, especially with the jacket he had on last night. I sort of see it.
My girls like Aaron Kelly - don't ask me why?? It should be a crime to sing that Aerosmith song as country! Grrr...


Monday's Musings.

Aah, I have a lot to do this week. Many, many unfinished projects I've been procrastinating. (Mostly because I read yet another Nicholas Sparks book this week! Somebody stop me!)
Patio table to be cleaned.
Downstairs to be mopped.
Bathrooms to be cleaned.
Sewing projects in need of attention.
A house in desperate need of a good scrubbing.
Weeds that need pulling.
Yard that needs trimming.
A nightstand that needs painting.
Wheatgrass growing project - learning how is required first.
A kitchen table that requires sanding, repainting, and polyurethane this time.
The girls' room that also needs painting.
A couple of vinyl projects to get to Lisa, and get done, finally.
Visiting teaching appointments to be made.
Dentist appointments to get to on Tuesday.
Follow-up chiropractor appointment to schedule.
Pictures to edit and send to print.
Scrapbook pages to plan.
Camera repair to call about.
Piano to be tuned on Wednesday.
Practicing to be done for the Primary's performance on Sunday.
Summer trip to plan and schedule.
Scrapbooking basket to put together.



Tuesday thoughts.

I have a chiropractor appointment today. Hooray! Maybe I can get rid of this pain in my back finally...

I am collecting any new scrapbook items you may have purchased, but aren't going to use. Putting together a basket for http://joetesplayground.com/ in time for a Mother's Day fundraiser. Any suggestions on what should be included?

Seems like "location" is the reason everyone moves to my area. Problem is, it seems to be the same reason everyone moves out, as well. Sigh. I wish we had a plan, too, and could take advantage of prices while they're low.

J has PLENTY of tracks and buildings and hills and bridges for his Geotrax, but all of his engines are dying. The Easter bunny needs to bring him a couple of new ones, I think.

J is getting the raw end of the deal with this fitness challenge I've undertaken. Mornings are spent exercising, his afternoons are spent napping, and he rarely gets to do anything fun with Mommy anymore because I'm exhausted all the time. Just 6 more weeks...

My girls would love to be in the school's talent show this year, but I've no idea what they should do, if anything. Any ideas for a "Fun in the Sun" themed performance that doesn't take a terrible amount of MY time preparing?

I am concerned what M's anger will evolve into when she's a teenager.

How do you feel about playdates? There are a couple of kids in my neighborhood that are already waiting for us, many times, when we get home from school in the afternoons. It seriously BUGS me. I want my house to feel comfortable for my kids' friends, don't get me wrong, but they don't seem to have the patience to wait until "after homework" or "after dinner" as they're constantly reminded to do. Instead, they're hopping my fence and peering in my sliding glass door while I'm trying to make dinner. GRRRRRRR! DANG our low-view fence! I want to put in barbed wire! It's often after 9pm before A FINALLY gets her homework done, because she's so distracted by friends that keep coming over when she SHOULD be doing it. What would you do?

Anybody have 500 bucks they're not using, so I can get my carpets cleaned? Thanks.

I tend to waste time on Facebook instead of cleaning my craft room like I should...



This week

I'm thinking about how much, AND how very little, I really accomplish every week. I've had many busy busy moments this week, and many moments of doing absolutely ZERO laying on a couch. But ah, I read some good books, had some good snuggles, cooked some good food, shared much with family members, ran many miles on the treadmill, helped with homework, washed load after load of laundry, helped friends with crafty projects ... I've also ignored my own crafty projects, ate entirely too much chocolate cake, had about 40 picture files open for DAYS on my desktop that need to be edited and printed, have yet to file all the fun paper I bought at the CK convention last month, have ignored bathrooms that need to be cleaned desperately, spent way too much time on Facebook, blah blah blah... such is life today.


This week.

I have been finishing up some long-neglected scrapbook pages, with titles and journaling and such. Feels good to get them out of my "unfinished" piles and into albums. Now if I can stay motivated to finish that Christmas present for my parents... Christmas '09 - let me be done with you!

I have spent many hours working on logos for Girls' camp t-shirts. They are "SUPER" cute and fun, if I do say so myself!

I'm frustrated that our lawn mower is broken. Again. I can't remember how many times we've gotten mowers fixed, I think this is #3 of our married life already, and N wants to buy a new one again. Does anyone else have such mower issues? Seems like it shouldn't be that complicated to keep it running!

M keeps saying disturbing things. Yes, she has a white-hot temper, and yes, to say she's overly dramatic is the understatement of the year, but it worries me when something minor happens at school, or we have to force her to brush her teeth at night, and then she says everybody hates her, she's going to run away, she wants to kill herself... honestly, these things have come out of her mouth this week and I've no idea what to do about it. ???

I think I have a pulled muscle in my back, and it seriously pains me to twist, bend, and especially lift J. It's been a couple of weeks now, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. What to do? Perhaps it's from serving in volleyball? Or maybe it's the thousands of Nerf bullets I've been bending down to pick up in the last month... (I tell you, J is obsessed with Nerf guns - his shot is deadly!)

I thought Idol was much better this week than last. Sad that Janell is gone, but THRILLED that the other three left. Good riddance, Tyler! Not sure who I want to leave this week... possibly Jermaine, Haeley, Lacey... ? Afraid that John Park is on his way out too...

I discovered Photoshop actions. Yeah, I know, I'm about 10 years later that everyone else. But HOLY COW = cool. Please, everyone send me, or direct me, to your favorites.

J has proven himself to be quite the little mess maker. Usually during his naps I jump on the treadmill with no worries, but often lately he has balked at the idea of napping, and chooses instead to trash my house while I run. It's as if he's entered some competition - how much destruction can I cause whilst Mom is otherwise occupied? Sheesh!

I'm eating my daily recommended servings of fiber each day. Not as hard as first thought. Avacados have to be the perfect food, in my book, at more than 10g each!

I have broken out the glass cleaner and tried to resurrect some of our glass and mirrors in the house. Wow, I should really clean more often.

I have officially decided to save the money and skip the CK scrapbook convention in Mesa this year. It's AWFUL knowing I won't be there, but I'm trying to look at the thousands of supplies I already have in my lovely craft room with a new attitude, and hopefully find some fresh ideas to motivate me to use them.

I'm so sore from Cindy's strength training yesterday morning I can't hardly move. M kept leaning on my thigh while watching Idol tonight and I thought it was going to kill me!

I am planning to meet up with an old college roommate this weekend. The thought of her and her cute family makes me smile.

I am looking forward to Spring Break with all of the activities it will hold. I'm sure I will end the week more tired than when I start it...