Where is the time GOING? Thanksgiving is less than 27 hours away now - I have yet to have my kids officially write to Santa, have NOT planned out what I'm getting for anyone on my list, have NOT taken a family photo yet (or even planned what exactly we're going to wear for such photo), I have NOT planned my Christmas cards (usually they're in FULL SWING by now) I have NOT purchased what I need to make my portion of Thanksgiving dinner, I have NOT checked my turkey to see if it's thawed yet (it's been three days since I bought it and had to put it in the fridge because of lack of space in the freezer, probably time to brine and cook that bad boy), nor do I have a plan or recipe of how I'm going to do such, I have NOT started packing for a mini trip we're taking this weekend, it has NOT occurred to me that we might not all have appropriate winter shoes or coats for such a trip, I have NOT dealt with the fact that I only have ONE pair of jeans that fits, and doesn't feel like they're falling off, I have NOT completed several custom vinyl orders asked of the Two Chicks, I have NOT even settled up and figured out how much $$ we made last weekend at our craft show, I have NOT dusted all the shutters in the house like I'd planned to do before the installer comes bright and early tomorrow morning to put more in the loft... ugh. Better get to work...


Crazy Cool Crafting - Again!

We're in another boutique Saturday - that's tomorrow! This one is bigger and better - don't miss it! We have added several new products in the last week!


Life is good.

I am grateful for my kids. They are smart, and fairly well-behaved, and funny. I don't need to mention that they are super cute.  J likes to bring me flowers he picks out of the yard sometimes. The last time he brought me two bright red hibiscus flowers, handed them to me "Here Mom! They are for you."  and then,  "Don't die them." Ha!

I am grateful for my talents, and my many projects going on. (My husband is not quite as grateful for all of my many projects going on, however.) We survived our craft show this weekend, and I think we did okay selling at least some of our stuff . Still need to figure out if we broke even, though.   : )  We are looking forward to doing other sbows and boutiques in the future.

I am grateful for Finny. J has such a good time with him.

I am grateful for Arizona weather. It ROCKS right now.

Had a great workout this morning thanks to Cindy. Tomorrow morning, when I can't walk or lift my kid, I just may change my attitude, though.

I am grateful for my family, and for my husband's family. Everybody is funny, and fun to be around. My kids play wonderfully with their cousins.

Soup is awesome. Please send me your favorite soup recipe - I want to find some fun new ones! My mouth is watering thinking about Aubrey's potato-apple soup I had yesterday. Yum. I could totally eat soup every day.

Projects on the horizon:  getting shutters installed in the playroom this week, visiting Deirdre and Oakley, half a day of school on Wednesday, getting ready for the school fall carnival on Friday night, coordinating family pictures sometime in the next week or so, a couple of custom vinyl orders to get ready, designing an ad for Justin, finishing the painting in the girls' room, getting hair cuts for my girls, making a scrapbook for some friends who are moving away, figuring out my Christmas cards and sending them out, finishing sewing J's quilt and setting up his twin bed, getting my carpets cleaned, planning my birthday party...


In case you haven't heard...

Tomorrow is the big day! We (aka the TWO CHICKS) are so excited to be in this here craft show tomorrow!

Come check it out! I've seen some products of one of the other vendors and I was giddy, everything was so cute! And unbelievably priced! You HAVE to come visit us tomorrow! Please please! We've got show specials, gimmicks, and even t-shirts that match our booth! Ha! Hope to see you there! 9am -1pm 740 E. 2nd. Avenue, Mesa AZ 85204 - It's right around the corner from the temple. Look for the signs and balloons to lead you in! See you there!


Grateful - the next few days.

1. Grateful that our little craft show is almost here, because I'm tired of making stuff! I figure whatever gets done, gets done, whatever does not, no one will ever know we intended to do it. Right?

2. Grateful for my treadmill, which enables me to burn at least a few calories a day and keep current on all my TV shows. (By the way, have you seen the show on DIY called "House Crashers" ?  The host, Josh Temple. is my new TV crush!)

3. Grateful that two of my children are asleep in bed, and that the third is not bugging me at the moment.

4. Grateful for Jackie, who is always willing to watch J for me at a moment's notice, pitch in on projects, and has pudding when I need it to borrow. And also, grateful for Finny, who is hands-down-J's-favorite-person. He wonders about him, and talks about him, all day long. When I was tucking him in he asked me if Finny was asleep in his bed too? Sweet.

5. Grateful for the weather. I wore a hoodie today! Granted, I still had on capris and flip flops, but it was ideal. I love that I can wear shorts to go play volleyball, or jeans and my boots to run errands in - either is perfectly fine at the moment in AZ.

6. Trying to grit my teeth and be grateful that I get to go on M's field trip as a chaperone on Friday, even when I have so many things to do. Ugh. No, really, I'm totally grateful she WANTS me to go.


Dear Santa, *EDIT*

or the anniversary fairy,
or the birthday fairy,
(or any of the above)

I would like, in no particular order, one of these lovely camera bags:


and one of the big-bag versions of the Miche bag, along with a couple of shells - I think the "hope" and the "delilah" and possibly the "lexi"


and this software program to use with my Cricut, "Sure Cuts a Lot"


along with a few colors of vinyl to play with,

and oh, still wanting my carpet cleaned in a bad way,

and I would love a weekend away with my hubby somewhere...

You can fit all that in your sleigh, right?


Grateful Month - The first few days

1. The other Vinyl Chick. Everyone should have a friend like Lisa. She threw one heck of a Halloween party over the weekend, complete with trick-or-treating and all the gross-out food you can imagine. (I made the vomit myself - it was fantastic!)
Not all invitees showed up, but it was still fun, even though N slept on the couch through most of it. We played a game of Atmosfear (an old college favorite) until I could barely keep my eyes open, but at least I WON, and the kids all went home with gobs of candy. I woke up the next day weighing 7 pounds more than I did the day before. - no lie. But seriously, I am so grateful that Lisa's now in the Valley (albeit on the whole other side of such from me) and that she's willing to hang out and do any and all projects on a moment's notice. She loves to go all-out for every event, and is so fun to be around!

2. SRP. Although they keep my hubby from us way longer each day than I would like, they are about the most stable place that we can be, and they have treated N pretty well the last month, including a promotion and two raises, with one more possibly on the horizon next month. (!)

3. J - oh man, does my little guy make me smile. He has lots of opinions on things nowadays, and his memory is shockingly good. He loves to hide, and then jump out and shout "BOO" at the top of his lungs when Daddy is walking in the door from work each night. When we are getting in the car to go somewhere, he usually runs out into the driveway, or the front yard, and literally runs in circles "I running round, Mom!" a few times before he gets in the car. Funny, except when we're late. Here he is very intently decorating his pumpkin with foamies.
This mound is J and Finny hiding from me under a blanket on my bed.

4. Today I'm grateful that
I got my errands run no sweat
I got to go to the grocery store without J
I finished a few more vinyl projects for our craft fair next weekend
I got most of the Halloween decorations got put away and Thanksgiving mostly put out
A got a new wire put in her braces
Alison and Sara recommended Melatonin to me, and it's been much calmer around here at bedtime for a certain 7-yr-old.