Bring... me... two... green enchiladas!

Only those who were at the stake BBQ will truly understand that title!

I have posted some new recipes on my other blog to get everyone in the mood for Cinco De Mayo - enjoy! And email me your favorites too!

By the way, I made the sausage spinach bake casserole last night. It had a quiche-like consistency that I LOVED. Total winner. Try it!


Free Ice Cream Days

Today, it's Ben and Jerry's - - if you live near one of the following (I don't), go get an ice cream today:

* Ben & Jerry's 92nd & Shea
9301 E. Shea Blvd.
Suite #110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

* Ben & Jerry's Glendale
20165 N 67th Ave
Suite B122
Glendale, AZ 85308

and Tomorrow evening from 5-10pm, it's at Baskin Robbins! (Well, not FREE, but only 31 cents for a small cone!)

5035 E. Elliot Road
Phoenix , AZ 85044

4025 E. Chandler Blvd, Ste 64
Phoenix , AZ 85048

4021 N. 75th Ave
Phoenix , AZ 85033

3953 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix , AZ 85018

1715 E Guadalupe Rd
Tempe , AZ 85283

Arizona Science Center


On the first weekend of every month, you can get in free when you show your Bank of America card - I believe it might only be TWO people per card... but still, I might have to sign up for a B of A card to try it out!


Mother's Day 101

Following is a list of things that young mothers would love to hear (and receive) for Mother's Day (because as much as we moms adore hand-drawn cards from 2-year-olds and burnt toast delivered to us at 6am in bed, come on, we deserve a little more).

** Note to young husbands: These will require a little advance planning, so choose which of the following scenarios would be most appropriate for your family (ie. how much you love your wife) and make your plans accordingly.

** Another note to young husbands: No cash for an elaborate gift? No worries. Each of the following ideas also provides a way to pay for itself. Because budget-conscious, coupon-cutting young moms do NOT want you to spend money you shouldn't.

A) "Honey, I've taken my lunch to work for a week. Here's the $25 I would have spent - go buy yourself a Stephenie Meyer book and spend the day by the pool. I'll take the kids."

B) "Honey, I've taken my lunch to work for a month. In addition to this Stephenie Meyer book I got you, which I've wrapped beautifully myself, I saved enough money to hire a carpet cleaner. Take the day off, I'll take the kids, and by the time you get home, there will hardly be proof that children live here. "

C) "Honey, I've taken my lunch for three months, biked to work to save gas, and only showered in cold water to save on the electric bill. Here is your Route 44 Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic, just the way you like it. Your Stephenie Meyer book is in your car, (which I had detailed yesterday! It no longer smells like formula and chicken nuggets!) along with your beach towel, ready for the pool. I also organized a lunch date for you and your girlfriends; they will meet you at noon. Your pedicure appointment is at 1:00pm. Yes, it includes the sugar scrub - you're my eternal companion and you're worth it! And here's $50 - go buy yourself some shoes. The carpet cleaner will be here in a few minutes. I've already stripped all the beds; everyone will have clean linens and freshly made beds by the time you get home. The kids and I will spend the day dusting. Don't worry about being home early, I will put the kids to bed, afterwhich I will do the dishes, fold the laundry and scrub all the toilets. I love you!"


An eye for an eye?

No, maybe not - but we're all equal over here with a tooth for a tooth. Josh has two so far, after one on the top came in this week - and now Allison's lost tooth #2 on the bottom. "Look Mom! The hole's big enough for me to stick my tongue through!"By the way, here's a shot of Allison's "gray" tooth in all its un-photoshopped glory. We're all looking forward to THAT one falling out!


Spirit Week

Today was "crazy hair day" at Allison's school. And here's the proof. I have a knack for Who-ish hair, don't I? I should have taken a picture from the back, too - just to show the architectural genius of it all.


My thoughts on Idol.

David Cook rocks my world. I was so hoping he'd sing Music of the Night, and he DID. Loved it. He's no Daughtry, but he's still pretty good.I cannot BELIEVE that Jason Castro is still around, and that Michael Johns went home already.

Syesha was pretty darn awesome tonight as well.

Jason, Carly and Brooke are just wasting time at this point.

My prediction: the final three will be Syesha, David and David, and the final will be between the Davids.

What are your predictions?

I've set a new record!

It cost me $71.00 to fill up my gas tank today. Highest ever. Don't ya just love it??

Thanks to J for her enlightening email, including the following:

Remember the election in 2006?
A little over one year ago:

1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
3) The unemployment rate was 4.5%.

Since voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006 we have seen:

1) Consumer confidence plummet;
2) The cost of regular gasoline soar to over $3.50 a gallon;
3) Unemployment is up to 5%;
4) American households have seen $2.3 trillion in equity value evaporate (stock and mutual fund losses);
5) Americans have seen their home equity drop by $1.2 trillion dollars;
6) 1% of American homes are in foreclosure.

America voted for change in 2006, and we got it!

Quote of the day "My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it." -- Barack Obama


New Post.

My emotions have been from one extreme to the other this week - total highs with excitement, screaming, and fun at the Bon Jovi concert, to total lows with fear, sadness, stress and worry about Dylan, and crippling guilt about the whole situation... but I've decided that people must be praying for me as well as the Stephens family. Because for the first time, I can think about it without breaking down in hysterics. And for that, as well as the fact that I finally believe Dylan WILL get better, I am eternally grateful. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness, and for the distractions provided me in the last couple of days. I have quite the excellent support system.

So on with the blog/journal, and a cute picture of my wonderful little boy, who I have held and appreciated and loved more than ever the last week. I am so lucky to be his mom. Even though he's started getting into my cupboards.
Upcoming will be the cute layouts made, and fun new products purchased (and introduced to Jackie), at the scrapbook convention, as well as Nick's Murder Mystery Birthday debacle, as I've officially named it.


Precious Life

Sigh... where do I begin? Here's the story in print, so hopefully I won't have to retell it outloud anymore to those who are wondering ( and keep reliving it. )

Emily had a job interview yesterday morning, so I was babysitting Dylan for a couple of hours. We went to the water park at 10am. The only other people there were a little girl (probably 4 yrs old) and a man with her. There was also a man sitting in his gray Dodge Durango, backed in, so the back of his car was facing the park. (I assumed, incorrectly, that he was attached in some way to the man/girl already there. I don't know what he was doing? Sleeping? Talking on the phone? Killing time in the shade in the parking lot?? Who knows.)

Deirdre arrived with her 3 youngest boys a few minutes later. It was a little chilly, so the kids were skittish in the water - especially Dylan. Manda and Jasper were in and out of the fountains, but Dylan was content wandering around in the sand/climbing on the toys over there. I decided he probably wasn't going to get wet, so I went over and put his T-shirt back on him (not that his beautiful skin would probably burn, but...) He wandered toward the slides, and I walked back over to the ramada/picnic table where Deirdre and Josh (my son) were.

All of a sudden, Deirdre pointed over at Dylan as she realized that he was headed toward the parking lot. I started over there, and then my horror, the Dodge had started and was beginning to pull out of his parking space. I ran, screaming, but Dylan was over the curb, on the passenger side of the car at that point, and had starting running... and got all the way around the front of the car (that kid is QUICK!) to the driver's side tire. There was no way the driver could have seen tiny little Dylan. He was caught, and pushed on the asphalt for a foot or so - very nearly ran over - before the man stopped. I came around the driver's side of the car and saw Dylan stuck there, crying. I pulled him out and held him close as Deirdre brought a towel over to wrap him up, and called 911. The driver of the Dodge also called 911. Dylan's arm was bent behind his back, and his arm, legs, tummy, and mostly his tiny hand had burns, road rash. We tried to call Emily - - but alas, my cell phone was the only one with the number, and it had died on the way to the park. A police officer was there within a couple of minutes, and the fire truck and ambulance were just a minute behind him. I handed Dylan over to the paramedic, who secured him into the ambulance. They wouldn't let me ride in the back, so I went on the longest ride of my life to the hospital in the passenger seat, desperately calling (on Deirdre's phone) everyone I knew to try and contact Emily, Nick, Nick's mom... to get them to the hospital. I waited in the ER family waiting room.

Emily got to the park after we had left - - before anyone had been able to reach her. the policeman was still interviewing the driver about what happened. Deirdre was still there, bless her, with my two kids as well as her three, and unfortunately had to be the one who told Emily what happened. She called me, and started on her way to the hospital. My darling husband and inlaws both arrived before even Emily did. Emily arrived, and the doctor updated her on his situation. Nick and Carl gave Emily and I blessings. We went up to ICU. Emily was able to see Dylan for the first time, while I talked to the Phoenix PD detectives. Nick and Carl gave Dylan a blessing.

I realize this this little boy was miraculously blessed on several levels. Had the driver been going any faster, it would have been tragic. Had Dylan been a step behind, it probably would have been his head instead of his tummy which got caught in the tire. If it weren't for Deirdre... well, I don't want to think about what could have happened.

Keep Dylan, Emily and Brandon in your prayers. Dylan is going to have another surgery on his hand today, and hopefully they will not have to amputate his poor little pinky, which got the worst of it.



Okay I thought I was fairly capable at getting a good deal on things I buy. Wow, was I wrong! Ashlee's a genius, and has inspired me! Stay tuned, I just may jump in with both feet here to this deal-chasing madness... but seriously, if your pantries looked like this, where would you even begin to put everything?? Honey, I need a new house...

This is my guest room closet - - half of it, anyways...
This doesn't even include all the buckets, etc under the stairs! Sheesh!



Just six more weeks 'til my birthday.

Just four or so more weeks of formula. Mom's not buying anymore.

Just a couple more weeks in my infant carseat. Thank goodness. I'm squished!

Only one tooth so far, appearing on Easter Sunday. I still like to drool a lot and chew on everything, though.

Mom keeps trying to get me to like sippy cups, but I'm NOT having any part of it. I'll show her!

I'm cruising big time. Almost ready to take my first step without help.


***REVISION #2 - - I JUST SLID DOWN THE STAIRS BY MYSELF! Mom was shocked, because I looked like such a natural! She's so proud that I figured it out! Wow, I've had a busy morning! ***

Just about 28 more Sundays until nursery! I can't wait!


Enough of the talkin, let's get to the squawkin'

Bon. Jovi. Too. Awesome.

Aubrey may have wanted to gouge her eyes out had she gone, but SERIOUSLY, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. My ears are still numb, my voice is hoarse... Amberly and I saw a million faces... and we rocked them all ...


Jon Bon Jovi has seriously perfect teeth.

He also has "spirit fingers".

He has aged WAY better than any of his band members.

And he seriously knows how to work the crowd.

He apparently is an aerobics instructor in his spare time. We got quite the workout imitating his moves, and cracking up at them.

(By the way, the people behind us were cracking up at OUR moves.)

Richie Sambora is one of the few men who CAN pull off wearing a fuschia shirt.

And HE'S the one who sings "I'll be there for you." Did you know that?

Daughtry is wonderful, with a capital W.


Our seats were A.MAZING. Couldn't have planned them better if we'd tried. I can tell you that Chris had brown alligator boots on, and we had a prime view of "swooning yellow lady."

Seeing yellow lady swoon. I think she may not recover from this night. Ever.

Belting out every song at the top of my lungs. Bad Medicine, Wanted, Lost Highway, Raise Your Hands, Born To Be My Baby, I'll Be There For You, You Give Love a Bad Name, Bed of Roses, It's My Life... seriously, how can you NOT be a Bon Jovi fan?

The crowd singing more of "Living on a Prayer" than Jon.

Daughtry singing a duo of "Blaze of Glory" with Bon Jovi.

It was during this song that Chris pointed at me, I pointed at him, we locked eyes... and yes, I have to say it, we had a "moment." Amberly and Janna might try to claim that the moment was theirs, but I'm telling you, we seriously connected there. He gets me.

Hey y'all - send me photos if you got 'em, since I didn't take my camera!


50 Years and Counting...

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad... we love you.


Craigslist Frenzy

So I've been Craigslisting up a storm lately (that's a verb, right?) - - maybe I'm in declutter mode, maybe I'm just feeling guilt over the recent TV/entertainment center purchase, maybe I'm trying to justify the forthcoming re-do of my craft room (Countertops and Cabinets, people! It's going to be GREAT!) This is stuff I've sold in the last week... (no, not the baby, just the bath ring)
and last month...and this is the stuff still listed (does it seem lately that Craigslist isn't as efficient as it used to be? Lots of flaky people who call and then don't show up? Methinks too many people got the hang of it, and are listing everything nowadays)
and THIS is the big one I need to sell before I can trot over to Lowe's and Home Depot for all the new stuff...


Hip Hip Hooray! It's finally GONE!

Excitement! Jumping up and down! Screaming! Mom! My TOOTH FELL OUT! Man, this must have been some kind of record. Allison decided she doesn't want to leave it under her pillow just yet, though, because she wants to show her friends at school tomorrow.

Question- - how much $$ does the tooth fairy leave nowadays??


This week:

Saw a car totally on fire on the freeway. Just like the movies.

Saw a bald lady. Young, pretty - - and strange.

Learned that Josh loves to play in the toilet water...

Saw Romy & Michele's High School Reunion again. What a fabulous movie.

Made big plans for redesigning my craft room. Anybody wanna buy a desk??

Started to learn patience reading scriptures with Allison.


Somebody likes chocolate,

foil wrappers and all.


Zoo day.

Houston, we have a problem.

Uuuhhhhh, to those who I've given baby clothes/items to in the past year, please return them.