We went to the park yesterday...

so Josh could go play with his friends.He tried to impress Seneca with his hat-stealing and standing-up abilities,but she couldn't have cared less. Apparently she's not into boys yet.They all just wanted to be on the swings.Drool and all.Finn's practicing to be the next American idol here...



Easter Eggstravaganza

Yesterday we had an egg hunt and brunch at our house with all the Carters. Except for Nate, who had better things to do and books to study, apparently. There were about five hundred and three eggs for each kid. It was fun to watch the kids miss the grass- and rock-colored eggs. Note the one RIGHT behind Allison's head. My favorite, though, was watching Landon open up the egg right there on the grass, eat the candy, then leave the empty egg there. Too funny.Poppy had a blast with the kids on the trampoline - and by himself on the trampoline too. (See Carter blog for more pics!)The Easter Bunny came to our party too - but it was wierd, he must have fallen in a vat of blue egg dye first! Allison figured out who it REALLY was, and pointed Colman out to everyone right away.Later, after we were all stuffed to the hilt with crepes, omelettes and chocolate, the girls put on a little show for us,
including the "Shoe Song", magic tricks and a few other things they had concocted.Look, Allison can do the "I'm trying not to smile" thing like her Dad.


Good Riddance, Cruella!

Was this Amanda person the most unpleasant contestant on Idol ever or what?

Seems like she detested every moment of the show — and every time she spoke during an interview I just wanted to smack her for being ungrateful (ingrateful?) and bored.

SO glad she's outta there!


Love and Logic Drain

The girls drained my energy this morning with fighting and arguing, so I unfortunately didn't have the energy to make them breakfast. Making beds and getting dressed would have helped, but darn, it was so sad, Allison started screaming instead. An hour later, Manda was dressed and had her bed made, but Allison was still screaming and crying about it because she was "starving" and "can't wait any longer" for breakfast. Sigh. I had to call the carpool off because I didn't want to make the other kids late. She finally got her act together, I made her breakfast, and we raced to school right at 9am. Sigh. This ended up being way more trouble for me than her, and it's totally set me behind this morning, She was complaining all the way to school that it was MY fault that she was late, because I was WASTING TIME this morning and didn't make her breakfast. Sigh. Didn't know how to handle it, without telling her that no, SHE was the one who caused the situation, but she didn't buy it...

It's a little difficult to pull off an "energy drain" when Josh still needs to be taken care of... so all she could see was me feeding HIM and not her.

What to do?


A gift from me to you...

Okay can you imagine me singing the Happy Little Working Song right now? No? Okay, I'm no Amy Adams, but I had to share these... if you have stainless steel appliances and/or a stainless steel sink, run, don't walk, to Home Depot and get these cleaners. My dishwasher is free of water streaks for the first time since we moved in because of this... (My bottle doesn't look EXACTLY like this, but you get the idea)

and now my sink looks almost brand new and scratch-free again because of this...



Who's with me??

I'm planning on Tuesday or Thursday mornings at Mills - who's up for it?? If you don't want to go, I'll take your kid while you take Josh for me!



Good Morning, Baltimore!

AAAaaahhhh... we're back! Now THAT was my kind of vacation.

Saturday - got on a plane, sans children. Survived the turbulent flight and terrifying landing, thankfully. Can now say that yes, those barf bags DO come in handy! Drove to Frederick. Had dinner at Dutch's Daughter, and it was every bit as good as memory served. Cream of crab soup? Still, to die for. Went to a movie, without worrying how late we'd be out or how much we'd have to pay a babysitter. Almost froze my tail off in the cold weather I wasn't dressed for. Good thing our rental car had warmers in the seats... niiiiice...

Sunday - slept in. Finished paperback novel #1. Had great conversation with Laurie. (Still want to be her when I grow up.) Had time to shower, wash, blow dry and straighten hair without interruption. What a concept! Got to church on time, for once. Listened to great talks. Felt the spirit. Was able to hug and catch up with Annette, Lynette, Joanna, Linda, Lori, Lauri, Kelly, and others. The church really IS more true in Mount Airy, by the way. Laughed and had dinner with the Lawrences - SUCH a great family. Spent the night at A & N Longs, after beating them to a pulp in Cranium.

Monday - spent the day shopping with Amanda, while Nick went to hang out with an old Bechtel friend. Lunch at Panera - yum! Drove to Baltimore, checked in at the Marriott Waterfront - nice! Took a nap while Nick yucked it up at his convention dinner. Finished book #2.

Tuesday - slept in. Worked out. Was able to do hair again without interruption. Got in the car and ventured over to East Point Mall, glad I was there in daylight hours. Checked out Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line I'd heard about, Bitten. Wow! Pretty cool, and SO inexpensive. Went back to the hotel. Took a nap. Drove to Mt. Airy. Quick 15 minute stop at Lucy's (kid's resale shop) resulted in $75 worth of new clothes for my kids. How I miss that place! Went to Enrichment. Great food and great conversation with some of the best people on the planet. There is not a finer, warmer group of ladies anywhere.

Wednesday - slept in. Worked out. Finished book #3. Waited for Nick to finish with convention, then ate at the inner harbor Cheesecake Factory. Stayed at A & N's house, where I did laundry (I HATE not doing laundry while on vacation!)

Thursday - Drove down to DC, attended temple session. Took a nap and finished book #4 on very calm plane ride home. Picked up my sweet little boy and slept in my own bed.

Friday - Saturday - Drove down to Safford to get the girls, ate at Casa, hung out with family, took the girls to the "Horton" movie (So cute! Impressive as a non-Disney!) Finished paperback #5. Chatted it up with yet another nephew who is planning to tie the knot soon. I'm gettin' old.

Sunday - Home at last. Whew.


Mind Games

An oldie of Josh, but a goodie..... This was back in October. I can't believe how much he's changed! So long, chubby cheeks! I'd forgotten how he always used to hold his two little hands this way... folded snugly and tight!



My Jenny Purse

Here's my version! The colors are really off in the picture, but I'm too lazy to go adjust everything in Photoshop. I didn't at all realize how similar my fabrics were to Deirdre's with the floral/stripe idea! Ha! Great minds think alike... BTW, I enlarged the pattern by 150%. It's a great size! Loved it so much I made two! AL - one's coming to you!

Here's to trying something new!

I've got recipes EVERYWHERE in my life - in my head, in my recipe box, in cookbooks, on scraps of paper hanging around the house, and on many files and emails in my computer. Here's my attempt to start getting them all consolidated.