San Diego

Just got back from a weekend trip to SD. MAN, that's way too long of a drive to make for just two days of playing! It was nice to get out of the heat for a while, though...

We spent Friday all day at Sea World (Thank you, Craig's Lister, for the excellent deal on tickets!) and really enjoyed it. It turns out to be a great mix of rides/shows, and animal attractions - - and totally my kind of zoo, as I am a total non-zoo person. Being able to sit and watch the multiple shows throughout the day was a treat for all of us. We spent most of the day on Saturday at the beach - and the girls got fried to a crisp. We forgot to take the camera with us that day, so no beachy scrapbook pages forthcoming, darnit!

Items of note:
1. Josh really likes Shamu, we discovered! Maybe he'll be one of those cool trainers someday... Here's us in front of Shamu's underwater viewing tank - we couldn't even get Josh to turn around for a picture!By the way, how great is Manda's face in this photo???

2. Decided it was very tough to negotiate Josh, his stroller, all of our stuff, drinks, sippy cup, and still take good pictures with the bulky camera all day long. Not a lot of pictures to show for the trip.

3. I was nervous that the first non-stroller theme park experience for the girls would be a very tired, whiny adventure, but they did great. Not as big of a place as Disney, though, so the much-less-walking thing helped.

4. I can't believe I spent $5 for a tray of dead fish to feed to the sting rays, and I really can't believe the girls and I actually touched those dead fish, but it was pretty cool. For as close as the rays were to us, Allison never did actually touch one. Funny.

5. After being used to resort-style accomodations elsewhere, it was tough to all be in the same hotel room, especially with Josh teething... We will have to make different arrangements next time!

6. Sand toys do NOT last more than one summer, apparently, when they live in Arizona. Everything we had broke while we were at the beach.

7. Seaweed isn't poisonous, right? Josh sure had a lot of it in his mouth...

Sea World 2008



Seriously, these girls should be models and supporting me.After I trimmed a little this morning trying to fix what Great Clips screwed up, here are the results!

Hula-rama girls.

Also, pre-haircuts!
Manda is such a poser, isn't she??

How I wish we were spending our summer vacation.


Crisis... averted. This time, at least.

Whew! I just spent the last three hours doing something that could be termed "work". Ugh. It's SO not fun to have a deadline looming and not have enough understanding of my computer or any semblance of "techi-ness" to solve a problem... when normally, everything just "works" and I barely have to use ANY brain power to do what I do... all whilst three kids are pulling at my arms wanting me to decorate and make invitations for some party they've got going in their room... I can only imagine what all my previously-clean rooms from this morning look like now.but it's done, I can sigh, and send my invoice, and put off learning about my computer for another day. Thank goodness. I think I deserve some sort of treat now.


Random thoughts.

Tonight is free root beer float day at A & W. Anybody want to meet us for swimming, and then free floats? Email me and I'll tell you where!

Josh is getting a little better about using a sippy cup. Hallelujah.

I will not buy bagged salad ever again, no matter how cheap or free it might be. It's always a disappointment and goes to waste.

Allison and Amanda officially wear the same size shoes - Allison's worn elevens for more than a year, and Manda's now in elevens too.

I get asked daily if the girls are twins. Who wants to place bets on how long it will be until Manda is the taller sister?

Pineapples are named such... why? They grow on something that looks nothing like a pine tree, nor do they resemble an apple in any way, shape or form.

I'm coming to the conclusion that letting kids watch TV while babysitting is absolutely not acceptable.

Yikes, it's time to buy those Sea World tickets.

Allison has started building little sculptures as presents for Nick out of Magnetix and blocks. Cute, and only mildly annoying. Josh consistently has the little magnet balls in his mouth, though.

Yep, just pulled another two out from potential choking. Sigh.

I wonder when Dottie's Kitchen is doing their peaches again? Last summer they were fab.

Note: you should never wait six months to catch up on tithing. Makes it difficult to write that check.

The house two doors down from us is being auctioned to the highest bidder... wanna be my neighbor? You'll have to get all the broken windows replaced, but it's got a nice floorplan and stainless steel appliances!

Allison tried grilled chicken the other night! This is HUGE, but has not been repeated as of yet... but can you imagine the possibilities??

Thanks to Aunt Margaret, I'm still active with CTMH for at least another three months. Ha ha... The July Stamp of the month is SO adorable, though, I will definitely be making an order for myself on July 1! Jackie, and Courtney, I think you both would like it!

I have lots of pictures to edit and print, and scrapbook pages to plan before Friday's scrapping at the church! What do y'all want for lunch that day??

Ooh - time to make VT appointments!

Amberly - Ashlee - is the glucose monitor deal still going at CVS or was that just last week?

I told you they were random.



A-Attached or Single? - Attached.
B-Best Friend - Depends on my mood, they alternate! I don't put much stock in the "BF" idea, though, I just have lots of friends, period! I just find it impossible to keep up with all the friends/family members I should all the time.
C-Cake or Pie?- Cheesecake.
D-Day of choice?- Any that Nick has off.
E-Essential item?- Diet Coke, or more specifically, Coke Zero with vanilla, with ice.
F-Favorite color?- Probably pink!
G-Gummy bears or worms? Dislike all things gummy.
H-Hometown?- Safford
I-Favorite Indulgence? chocolate/peanut butter combos
J-January or July?- January
K-Kids?-Three, it's the magic number.
L-Life isn't complete without?- my bed being made each morning.
M-Marriage Date?- November 6, 1998
N-Number of Bros & Sis?-2 sisters, 2 brothers
O-Oranges or Apples?- Granny Smith apples only! With crunchy peanut butter to dip in.
P-Phobias and Fears?- germs, swarms of anything, and people close to me dying, of course...
Q-Quote?- Curse you, Aquascum! Name that movie.
R-Reason to smile?- Allison's singing, Manda's laugh, Josh's walk.
S-Season of choice?- Spring
T-Tag Ten People?- Let's see - Amanda, Jackie, Kenise, Janna, Robyn, Brie, Karen, Sandi, Maren... and how about LISA FREAKIN' FOUSHEE! I think everyone else has already done it!
U-Unknown fact about me?- I have metal rods on either side of my spine. And a plate in my head. Okay, just kidding about that part.
V-Vegetable?- Broccoli, at the moment...
W-Worse habit?- Diet, or lack of such.
X-X-Ray?-I don't think I've had one since my back surgery in high school, unless you count pregnancy sonograms!
Y-Your favorite food?- Green chili, cooked very well by someone else, and hot chocolate chip cookies (also better if baked by someone else)
Z-Zodiac sign?- Sagittarius


Pool Party

Cooking Classes, anyone?

At Dottie's Kitchen?
Anybody want to carpool???

I'm interested in taking the "It's a Wrap" class this week, either on Wed or Thurs. evening, and then the "Sizzling Summer Salads" next week on the 25th.

I'd like to take the "Whole wheat pocket breads and fillings" on July 10th, also the sandwiches and soups class on July 17th.


Happy Birthday, Joshy Josh!

Things I love about this kid:
1. He is easy going, and rarely cries unless he is tired, or his sisters are playing with (torturing) him.

2. He is curious and independent. And busier than I remember either of the girls being.

3. He likes to be where I am. He gets frustrated when I'm doing laundry or cleaning upstairs, because he has to walk back and forth, back and forth in the hallway following me.

4. He gets totally excited when his sisters come home from being out somewhere.

5.He LOVES to be outside. He is content to walk around the sidewalk in the backyard, or wander around in the grass.

6. He will eat most anything, and not complain about it! I think his favorite food is shrimp. Here he is with his birthday ice cream.

7. He can go up and down stairs like nobody's business.

8. He doesn't use a binky, he's not a cuddler, and he doesn't need to be rocked to sleep, but he does like HIS bed the most. Which makes the combination of naptime & 1:00 church very difficult.

9. He LOVES his little giraffe, too. He usually has it slung over one shoulder like Santa's bag. (He's had a rough week, with the big scrape on his head, and a bruise forming around his eye...)

10. He's got little curls in the back of his hair. And beautiful blue eyes. This kid is just plain handsome!