Oh, man, what a process. It took more blood, sweat, tears and gas money than I want to calculate, but it's done.  We're out of the Phoenix house, and into the Mesa one. Whew. I never want to move again! My advice, if you're thinking about moving, ever? Don't buy food storage. Sheesh.

So anyway - here's what I've been up to since the 3rd of May:  closing on our house, getting carpet cleaned, hiring movers, cleaning, packing, cleaning some more, touching up paint, mowing grass, getting termites treated, getting my car window fixed, pulling weeds, taking cabinets down, filling lots of holes in walls, painting our pantry, getting paint in my hair, trying to organize my kitchen, totally losing interest in American Idol, cleaning some more, sending N off on a business trip for four days,  performing in a school talent show, sending off the boys to F&S's (or boy camp, as J calls it), meeting lots of new neighbors and eating all their treats, swapping stoves, going to Home Depot, moving sheds, draining the pool and getting it acid washed, finishing up the last few days of school, getting the exterior of the Phx house painted, coordinating with renters, selling a trampoline, grocery shopping, going to the dentist, going to Home Depot again, replacing a garbage disposal, picking out paint, spending a fortune on paint, being without internet service for WAY too long, eating lots of junk & fast food, patching lots of holes in walls with Papa's help, scrubbing tile and grout with seemingly no progress, ripping out built-ins and realizing now I have to patch in the rest of the laminate floor (ugh, not fun), watching kids swim, driving to California with the other chick and her kids, spending two days sitting on the beach, going to Home Depot some more, hosting several last-minute BBQs, trying to read my book that's overdue at Cesar Chavez library, going to a new ward, getting sustained in new callings already in that new ward,  borrowing tools, getting ready for a yard sale this weekend, starting swim team and swim lessons...

so you'll forgive me if I haven't blogged lately, or if I owe you vinyl. Hopefully by this weekend my craft room will be up and running......


Wanna go to Disneyland?

I'm in a pickle.  I booked our timeshare rooms 6 months ago intending for us to take a family trip to Disneyland just after school got out. Oops. Now we've moved, and we have other summer vacation plans, and I'm broke due to 1) new house purchase 2) car repairs 3) termite treatment 4) my gas bills 5) carpet cleaning 6) dentist stuff - - etcetera, etcetera.  If you'd like to help me out, and possibly save my marriage, please pass this on to ANYONE you know who might be interested.

We have both a 3 BEDROOM SUITE and a 1 BEDROOM SUITE located around the corner from Disneyland - reservation is for FIVE NIGHTS from May 22 to the 26th at the Peacock Suites - located at 1745 Anaheim Blvd. It's basically on the corner of Katella and Anaheim Blvd.

We are too late to cancel the reservation at this point, so MAKE ME AN OFFER. Check in Sunday afternoon/ check out Friday morning. You can take the WHOLE FAMILY, and FRIENDS, and GRANDMA TOO!!! I've had these rooms sold a couple of times, and the buyers have flaked out on us - so here's your chance to take advantage. I originally had the 3BR suite (3 bedrooms, 3 bath, living & dining areas, etc) listed for $850 or the 1BR suite for $450. Apparently i didn't market them well enough, and I haven't had any serious offers. I've also been way too busy to think about them, but now it's crunch time and I have to take what we can get.  At this point I'd take half that.

SO REALLY, Make me an offer I can't refuse and do it before a buyer on EBAY does.

This is 5 nights in Anaheim!!!!! This is much more than just a regular hotel room! Free breakfast every morning, upgraded, remodeled nice rooms. CLEAN, valet parking, pool, jacuzzis, great customer service - - - - CALL ME with serious inquiries only - 602-309-4093


Rough Life.

I.am.stressed.  As of today, we own two houses - hooray! I feel like my sanity is very fragile right now, with me trying to coordinate everything that needs to happen in the next two weeks... including packing, loading my car and driving the trek over to the Mesa house for the third day in a row, unloading, vacuuming (?), hopefully getting power and water turned on tomorrow at our Mesa house in time for a carpet cleaning at noon, getting back to Phx in time to pick up kids from school, orchestrating a big wood/vinyl project for the Young Women tomorrow night, cutting and weeding 10 VERY intricate blocks of vinyl wording (dang, why did I design it like that???) routing and sanding the rest of their signs, putting together another vinyl project for Janna for Thursday morning, preschool, more packing, coordinating a talent show practice for 13 kids on Thursday afternoon, (what am I supposed to do with J while that's happening???)  playing volleyball with our ward's team on Thursday night, more packing on Friday, maybe getting a moving truck Friday afternoon with hopes of moving most of our furniture over on Saturday (??), cleaning the Mesa house top to bottom so we can move stuff IN, hiring the pool guy this weekend? maybe? , at some point practicing the piano to accompany the primary kids on Sunday in sacrament meeting, (but am I still going to have a piano? Or will it be in Mesa?)  Part of my stress is coming from trying to plan out what's going to be moved, when, and how little we can live with for the next two weeks... when should we start sleeping at the new house? On Monday Daddy leaves for a 4-day business trip, and oh yeah, we need to get our renters squared away and sign papers before he leaves, I need to pick and buy paint, and get all three kids' bedrooms painted while he's gone next week, need to hook up with my printer friends on Thursday the 12th to pick up the t-shirts for all the first graders at Vista, deliver the shirts to the school on Friday the 13th, oh, are we going to get professional movers that morning or will it all be done by then? What painters are we going to hire for the new house? NO idea yet. Daddy will be home for less than a day before leaving for Father's and Sons, the girls and I have the school talent show that night, somehow I need to find time to get makeup and hair done for 13 zombie children  (where to find white makeup? How to make black eyes and bloody necks? Need to go get black nail polish and lipstick too??  What kind of shoes do zombies wear anyway?)  I'm going to SCREAM if we can't get our timeshare rooms sold by then - I'm totally starting to panic about that because our buyers flaked out on the biggest suite, my gosh, we're going to end up forfeiting all those points, doesn't anyone want to go to Disneyland? Because I stinkin' need the cash!   CRAIGSLIST YOU HAVE TOTALLY LET ME DOWN LATELY!   ACK, I need sleep too. Goodnight.  I know, rough life, I've got a busy husband who has a great job, three active, involved, talented kids, and a big, beautiful new house I have to decorate.