Seven for Saturday.

1. My parents were up here for the last three days, Dad helping on a myriad of projects and Mom watching and playing with my kiddos while I ignored them and worked on stuff in the garage. Things were going along swimmingly until Dad had a little shock from his pacemaker/defibrillator in the middle of the night last night. Thank goodness the paramedics were only 2 minutes away and took him straightaway to the hospital. Everything's fine, I guess that's what the defib thingy is for, but it kind of freaked us all out. He's out of the hospital and they went home to Safford this afternoon. Maybe I worked my 77-yr-old dad a little too hard hanging cabinets and working in my garage in 110 degree heat in the middle of the day??? Hmmm..... have I mentioned how awesome my dad is? You know you're jealous that I have such a handy, brilliant helper when he comes around. He brings the know-how, just call me Man-u-el. Believe me, this house needs lots of TLC and my dad is awesome at helping me bring the love! I promise I won't work him so hard in the future though...
2. The girls finished up swim team and their Camp GottaWannaSynch synchronized swimming this week. Swim team at Stapley wasn't so much fun, (I miss the waterdogs!) but synchro was great - we will probably do that again next year! They had their final show on Wednesday night. Both sets of their grandparents were able to come and watch - it was super cute! J is finally swimming without floaties as of this week. He's been a chicken all summer, thinking he needs them in our pool when he's just fine at swim lessons. This week we've turned the corner and put those silly floatie things out to pasture. And of course he can swim all the way across the pool, arms and legs and all. Yay!
3. M had two teeth pulled yesterday - she was supposed to have four taken out, but things got a little rough when the dentist realized how completely jammed her baby teeth are in there will all of those permanent teeth too. You can blame it all on her father with his huge teeth - (it's totally not her mother's fault with her small mouth!) We're going to try again in a month to get the other two out - this time with some serious medicine to knock her out - laughing gas just isn't going to be enough. The fact that she has to go in fasting is going to make things unpleasant as well.
4. I'm starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew with this huge house, and everything that needs to be fixed/painted/replaced in it. Patience is a virtue I just don't have. However, we now have 4 1/2 bedrooms painted - yippee! At least the upstairs looks like we're making some progress... and now that my craft room floor is finished the cabinets can make their way in from the garage and become part of the family again. If only there were more than one Saturday in the week, we could be moving much faster on things.
5. I've inundated myself with Harry Potter the last month, between re-reading the last two books, watching almost all the old movies, and seeing the new movie twice in the last 8 days - including the midnight premier of HP7.2. And if you ask, I'll tell you yes, I really liked the last movie and how everything ended up.
6. My nephew and his wife are getting sealed one week from today, and their little family is going to become an eternal one. They rock - can't wait to see them plus all of my siblings that will be there too!
7. Just eighteen days 'til school starts. I think I can make it.

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