Things on my mind:

This HOUSE. It will be fabulous and amazing someday... but right now it seems like a whole lot of headaches. And decisions. And worrying about making the right decisions when it comes to paint - and figuring out our priorities...and finding out weekly that something ELSE needs to be replaced.

Maryland. Yay! Going on a trip for a few days, where we're going to hang out with some old friends, and then head to DC for N's conference. I don't plan to do much once we're there except workout and lay around in the hotel reading. Aaaaahhhhh.....

Books. Speaking of reading, I'm three books into the Artemis Fowl series, and will start the fourth tonight. They're no Percy Jackson, by any means, but still pretty good. Speaking of Percy Jackson, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "Son of Neptune" in the next month or so - going to be awesome. I need to re-read The Lost Hero to remember everything... I'm volunteering at the school book fair a couple of times in the next week, and looking forward to seeing the new stuff that's out. Selfish reasons, that's why I'm volunteering, yes.

Craft room - cabinets are up, curtains are up, all of the countertop I have is in... still need some details sorted out and then I'm planning to get a whole other 10 ft. of countertop ordered from Home Depot... once again, once of those "figuring my priorities" thing. Now the hard part begins - organizing everything into those cabinets and bookshelves.

School. The girls are doing great, and thankfully starting to make some friends. A has been bugging me all week to let her have a playdate with one of her classmates, but I haven't been able to coordinate with the other mom yet. Hopefully this will turn out to be a winner, though - they only live like 3 miles from us, she rides the same bus as we do, and AND, she's got a little sister in 2nd grade who M is friends with too! Perfect! Now call me back so my girls can have friends! haha...

Paint. I'm sick of it, but we've barely made a dent so far. (Wait, I take that back - we have painted 7 rooms since we moved in, there's just about 2500 square feet left to paint! Not to mention the exterior!) I need to sand and prime and paint four of our windowsills... and finish painting behind the washing machine... and sand and paint M's nightstand to match her room... yuck, not looking forward to any of those projects!

Exercise. Pretty much doing it every weekday morning now, alternating between different videos - P90, Jillian Michaels, and starting to run a little bit too... seeing progress in my legs but nowhere else yet. Sigh, I'm going to have to pull out my fat jeans when I pack for MD. Bummer. I need another fitness challenge to give me some incentive to stop eating desserts.

Teeth. I'm getting veneers next week - an undertaking that's been more than a year in planning and approving and root canaling and whitening and scheduling for. Looking forward to it. Anybody wanna watch J while I go? Now that all six of M's teeth that needed to come out are gone, we can move on with ortho work - - I'm hoping that at our appt. next month that they won't tell me she needs braces so soon, like A did... darn our small mouths and big teeth!

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Amber said...

I just mustered up the incentive to paint more in our house. Still have two upstairs bedrooms, spare bath, master bedrrom and bath and the downstairs bath to do. Sigh... I hate painting too.