It's almost 11pm. I stayed up late tonight because maybe, MAYBE if I go to bed now I might stay asleep all night. I so wish I could blow tomorrow off, go play volleyball with friends, take J to the park, go get a pedicure... darn all these things on my to-do list! Instead I will be figuring out swim team/lessons and signing up first thing in the morning, coaxing the girls to practice piano, boxing up a sign a customer ordered, driving kids to the bus, hitting an RPM class at the gym, going to the post office to mail said sign, coming home to finish another vinyl job, starting on invitations to our big activity day "T"ea party in 2 1/2 weeks, figuring out how to e-sign all our refinance docs, inserting meals, laundry and dishes at some point in my day, calling the sunscreen company to get the ball rolling on that project, straightening out an insurance thing with my doctor, getting to the bank at some point, gathering up some cans to pay for all my fines at the library, picking up the girls from the bus, taking them to piano lessons, doing an exchange at the Verizon store, making muffins with J, picking the girls up, convincing one of the girls to do FHE, and putting everybody to bed at a decent time. Wish me luck.

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