My goals.

okay, for the record, I am able to do many things. However, I am unable to do all of the following simultaneously.

1. Keep 4000 square feet cleaned, picked up, dusted, vacuumed, with bathrooms sanitized and laundry and dishes done all at the same time.
2. Work and make a significant contribution to our household income.
3. Make sure three kids accomplish their chores, practice music, do their homework, bathe, brush their teeth twice a day and not kill each other on a daily basis.
4. Do my calling, go visiting teaching, attend the temple and read my scriptures. Gardening? Indexing? Are you kidding me?
5. Work out daily and cook healthy meals, and keep my children from eating junk.
6. Prepare for, pay for and then taxi my children to their various activities... piano lessons, gymnastics, orchestra, Let's Play Music class, synchronized swimming, activity days, library, school events...
7. (Smart) shop for the things we need and take advantage of sales and coupons.
8. Spend quality time once in a while with my children, my husband, my library books, and ASU's football team.
 9. Home improvement projects.
10. Keep in touch with old and new friends and offer service.
11. Journaling, Scrapbooking, etc.

Ummmm..... how about you?

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Ashlee said...

1. My house is smaller so it's easier to keep clean.
2. This one is going well.
3. My kids ignore me half the time, homework is enough to make me want to pull my hair out and I don't think they will kill each other but they are definitely not sweet at can be.
4. Yes, Indexing. Do you think I can index 1000 names next week? The due date is next Friday and I haven't even started.
5. I worked out twice last week. That is two times more than any other time this year.
6. I am limiting my kids in their activities until I feel sane.
7. I have given up on coupons.
8. I like your vision of including library books. I did not read much over the summer but I am bringing this back!
9. I love renting because I am not responsible for home improvement projects.
10. Let's connect??? You can serve me any way you want!
11. I have completely quit scrapbooking. :)

See...you are in pretty good company!