A poem.

'Twas two days before Christmas, and all through the house,
all the females were crafting, like Cinderella's mouse.
Mommy was busy, photoshopping with glee...
Making everyone in the family look bright and pretty.
Allison was painting a frame for her sis,
While Manda was creating many little paper gifts.
Joshy was sleeping, although he complained
By the way, out car is DIRTY since yesterday it rained!
Mommy is flustered with a craft room in a mess,
And two demanding whiners today, both in distress.
Oh, Santa, I'm tired of Christmas break already.
Can you please bring some peace to this house? Keep it steady?
I need a little elf to help finish all my presents,
I'm running out of time, and completely losing patience.
I dread the trip to Walmart, where there are things that I still need.
Not looking forward to the fights tonight, about the dinner I try to feed.
Joshy scratched up all my ornaments, throwing them like balls.
He loves to scatter all his stuff up and down the halls.
Allison just lost another tooth, brushing pushed it away.
Next week we see the orthodontist, we'll see what he has to say.
So long for now, I've had enough of a break
Have too much to do to blog today, for sure, goodness sake!

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