Check. Check. Check.

Family picture taken. Check. Christmas cards made and mailed. Check. Tree up. Check. House decorated. Check. Thanksgiving weekend shopping. Check. Luke 2. Check. Temple Lights. Check. Helping out with M's class party. Check. Helping 28 kids make ornaments. Check. Teacher gifts made and delivered. Check. School holiday program. Check. Goodies delivered. Check. Visiting teaching visits and gifts. Check. Presents wrapped. Check. Quick trip to California. Check. Annual bout of sickness and round of antibiotics. Check. Account overdrawn. Check. Check. Check. White Elephant parties. Check. Check. Christmas movies watched on TV. Check. Peppermint hot cocoa enjoyed. Check. Goodies eaten. Check. Check. Check. Handmade gifts agonized over for days. Check. Staying up way too late on Christmas eve. Check. Geotrax, a bike, a Didj, and more toys than I can count from Santa. Check. Treadmill surprise for Me? Check. Waffles on Christmas morning. Check. Prime Rib on Christmas afternoon. Check. Trip to Safford. Check. Casa Green Chili burro, chips and salsa. Check. Games with family. Check. Overstuffed, overtired, overindulged, overspoiled, overscheduled, overly grateful. Check.

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