Summer, summer, go away

I'm CRANKY and tired of the heat. I'm tired of hearing my girls bicker. Since swim team ended, I'm tired of not having a schedule and routine. I'm tired of everybody lounging around in front of the TV because there's nothing to do. I'm tired of everyone whining when I try to get them to eat or clean or go to bed. I'm tired of the girls going through 3 sets of clothes a day because they're bored. I'm tired of this darn sore throat that's been around for several days now, keeping me from being motivated to do anything around here. I'm tired of J not wanting AT ALL to sit on the potty, and screaming like bloody murder when I try to put pullups or big-boy underwear on him. I'm tired of trying to comb my girls' hair. I'm tired of vegetables this week. Gag. I'm tired of swimsuit shopping already, and I've only been once. I'm tired of everyone fighting and arguing in the car. I'm tired of driving my kids all over creation in the heat. I NEED A VACATION

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Aubrey said...

Come to Idaho!