Time to get out of my slump and find some blessings to be grateful for. Here goes - air conditioning - friends that will feed and entertain and spend time with me - pioneers and the fact that I didn't have to be one - shutters that make my bedroom as dark as a cave - a new, kind, civilized dentist for my kiddos - a MIL who is willing to babysit - exercise - fitting into smaller clothes - a husband who is finishing his ginormous project TODAY and has the next 10 days off of work - words like "ginormous" and "epiphany" and "ridonkulous" that make me happy - books to look forward to reading - my 8-year-old wanting to read ALL THE TIME - a car with new wheel bearings - a garage door that is functioning (at the moment) - a kissable little 3-year-old boy - M helping in the kitchen - Daddy making breakfast for the next two days - four Disney "Voluntear" tickets - a great couple getting married - another chance this summer to see family - okay I feel better now!

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