See? I'm not that behind after all.

December 1st - Even though Christmas looks like it has thrown up in my front room, at least the Christmas tree is up & mostly decorated. Blog has been decorated for Christmas as well. We survived Thanksgiving, and had a wonderful time at the inlaws' house in Scottsdale - even though J ended up with the flu that day. We also got to see SANTA on our trip to the North Pole this weekend. Had such a fun time on the Polar Express train along with all of our cousins! Pictures forthcoming. Discovered the most unpleasant creatures in the girls' hair when we got home Saturday night. UGH. Sorry to everyone we exposed in the last week - I hope everyone has been checking thoroughly and is clean! Spent an obscene amount at Walgreens getting anything and everything to clean, comb, shampoo, treat and spray every head along with every surface in our home. Seriously the biggest nightmare of my life. Still making my way through all the laundry, and the girls have been nit-free, we think, for 24 hours now. Crossing my fingers that we're out of the woods now with it, 'cause man, I couldn't handle another day with everybody home from school. Busy getting prepared for another craft show on Saturday. This one should be a good one, at N's work Christmas party. I heard Santa will be flying in on a helicopter to see everyone - fun fun! Now if we could only figure out what to ask him to get all of us for Christmas... I would like an extra week before Christmas, please, and an extra pair of hands to attach for the month as well, I think!


Laurie LC Lewis said...


I love the comment about how Christmas has thrown up all over your house. That same virus has evidently infected me and mine. What a mess. . .

I can't believe how big the kids are. So much time has passed. So glad it's been good to you guys!


Staci Kramer said...

What's the status of The Carter Annual Christmas Party? I have to be invited because I already have my gift wrapped. Please tell me I didn't miss it.