Where is the time GOING? Thanksgiving is less than 27 hours away now - I have yet to have my kids officially write to Santa, have NOT planned out what I'm getting for anyone on my list, have NOT taken a family photo yet (or even planned what exactly we're going to wear for such photo), I have NOT planned my Christmas cards (usually they're in FULL SWING by now) I have NOT purchased what I need to make my portion of Thanksgiving dinner, I have NOT checked my turkey to see if it's thawed yet (it's been three days since I bought it and had to put it in the fridge because of lack of space in the freezer, probably time to brine and cook that bad boy), nor do I have a plan or recipe of how I'm going to do such, I have NOT started packing for a mini trip we're taking this weekend, it has NOT occurred to me that we might not all have appropriate winter shoes or coats for such a trip, I have NOT dealt with the fact that I only have ONE pair of jeans that fits, and doesn't feel like they're falling off, I have NOT completed several custom vinyl orders asked of the Two Chicks, I have NOT even settled up and figured out how much $$ we made last weekend at our craft show, I have NOT dusted all the shutters in the house like I'd planned to do before the installer comes bright and early tomorrow morning to put more in the loft... ugh. Better get to work...

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