Wanna go to Disneyland?

I'm in a pickle.  I booked our timeshare rooms 6 months ago intending for us to take a family trip to Disneyland just after school got out. Oops. Now we've moved, and we have other summer vacation plans, and I'm broke due to 1) new house purchase 2) car repairs 3) termite treatment 4) my gas bills 5) carpet cleaning 6) dentist stuff - - etcetera, etcetera.  If you'd like to help me out, and possibly save my marriage, please pass this on to ANYONE you know who might be interested.

We have both a 3 BEDROOM SUITE and a 1 BEDROOM SUITE located around the corner from Disneyland - reservation is for FIVE NIGHTS from May 22 to the 26th at the Peacock Suites - located at 1745 Anaheim Blvd. It's basically on the corner of Katella and Anaheim Blvd.

We are too late to cancel the reservation at this point, so MAKE ME AN OFFER. Check in Sunday afternoon/ check out Friday morning. You can take the WHOLE FAMILY, and FRIENDS, and GRANDMA TOO!!! I've had these rooms sold a couple of times, and the buyers have flaked out on us - so here's your chance to take advantage. I originally had the 3BR suite (3 bedrooms, 3 bath, living & dining areas, etc) listed for $850 or the 1BR suite for $450. Apparently i didn't market them well enough, and I haven't had any serious offers. I've also been way too busy to think about them, but now it's crunch time and I have to take what we can get.  At this point I'd take half that.

SO REALLY, Make me an offer I can't refuse and do it before a buyer on EBAY does.

This is 5 nights in Anaheim!!!!! This is much more than just a regular hotel room! Free breakfast every morning, upgraded, remodeled nice rooms. CLEAN, valet parking, pool, jacuzzis, great customer service - - - - CALL ME with serious inquiries only - 602-309-4093

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Sweating in the endless heat said...

Man I wish I didn't babysit, cause I would totally take you up on this:-/ I will pass this along to everyone that I know!