Help. This is the color of my house now. We need to paint, badly. And before that I have to get my colors approved with the HOA. Fun! (You can click on the pics to make them bigger) (Oh, and don't mind the orange tree in the front yard that's falling down)
I worked on some different color combos in Photoshop, I want to freshen it up and make it look a little more modern, but now playing with it I'm not so sure which direction to go. My color choices are limited because of the stacked rock around my entrance (which I love, don't get me wrong) - - because I need to match it, obviously.

Feel free to comment which is your favorite. What house are you most drawn to, and why? And it's okay to vote for the original color too!

SO what to do? Do I stick close to the original, dark taupe and keep the trim light (cream?) ?? I'm thinking the stone around the entrance pops more when there's a light color around it, versus dark?? I think I lean toward Option #4, which is funny because that's the one that's most similar to the original color - - Oh, I don't know. I like a lighter garage door color, slightly different that the body of the house - and I want a front door that pops. Blue? Red? (But this would only work if I could lose the security door, but my husband's not too keen on that idea...) Unless I went with black, which would be awesome - then we'd just spray the security door black to match as well.

Oh, and one more thing? That iron fence, in front of J's upstairs window? It's a gaggy rusty pink color at the moment. Do we paint it the same color as the trim, or black to match the front door??


Holly and Ryan said...

What I thinking...

#4 is the best. The iron fence works in the trim or the door color. I would pick the door color so it is in more than just the door. I dont see it as an accent color. Unless you are trying to hide the iron fence....then trim color.

#3 That red door doesn't seem right. I think it the shade of red.

#2 Hate the light color. Too bland with garage door. Maybe the light color if the door and garage door were different colors.

#1 My second choice, but too bland. Colors with trim/doors need to be a larger contrast.

Good luck. Happy painting!

Amberly said...

option 4 is my vote. paint the railing the same as the trim. black door is good. why do you have a deadline from the hoa to paint?

Courtney said...

i like 4 also. i like the black door and spraying the security door black. same opinion as amberly on the railing as the trim color.

Brie said...

#4 for me too. No question.

Margaret said...

The old lady in the group likes: option 1 because of the natural earth colors, It looks inviting and welcoming.
Option 4 is good, has a more modern, updated look. We have a black garage door and it gets very Hot
Original is good, same reasons as #1.
THis was fun, what is our next project??

Margaret said...
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The Malone's said...

Not that my opinion mattered, but #4 was the one i liked. But I'm drawn to 2.

Amber said...

#2 is my favorite for sure. I think that color looks fresh and happy, but I'm biased because it closely matches the color of my house :o). Maybe paint the garage door a darker shade of brown/tan to add demension.

#4 would be my second vote