Time for School! Time for School! Update.

My kids have started in their new schools. (Okay yes, it's been 3 weeks, and I'm barely posting this...) I think it's going pretty well. Both A and M are up to their usual tricks, getting 100%s on most assignments.
M's teacher left me the greatest message today, just wanted to let me know how well M was doing, excelling academically, adjusting really well socially, she's a joy to have in class... she went on and on about how much she liked her. The message made me very happy, considering we have such rough mornings getting to school sometimes.
A has made lots of friends of course, and has become a regular in the school library. We went and rented a violin from Milano's, and she started in the school orchestra... which she LOVES, but I can already tell that if we're really serious about wanting her to play, we need to get her private lessons. The green eyed monster rears its ugly head each time Daddy takes A to the early bus for orchestra, because a certain second grader wants to go so badly too, and be in orchestra. (hence the rough mornings 2x a week)
Both girls dig riding the bus - and I like it too, as I only have to drive 2 miles to the bus stop - - and I think it's awesome that there's an early bus for A twice a week just for orchestra! Franklin is a good fit for us right now (and will be even better when it cools off and it's not so unbearable wearing long pants every day) and though M always says it's so much WORK, and she gets SAND in her shoes every recess, the girls are getting to do fun things; aside from orchestra, A tells me every day about the books that her teacher is reading to them, M is learning poetry - - pretty cool!
I don't have a picture of J yet (charged camera and me haven't been in the same place at the same time lately) at preschool. I wish I could show you how excited he was to be there the first week! He was mad all day that Friday because there was no school... (he goes T, W, Th) A was identifying parts of a sentence on some homework yesterday and the word "sense" was used as a noun, and J piped up and said "hey, that's in my school!" because they're learning about the 5 senses. Good to know he's paying at least a little bit of attention!

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