My First List

Favorite TV shows:
• Heroes
• Project Runway
• Scrubs
• American Idol
• Any having to relate to designing or flipping houses

Things I'm looking forward to:
• Having the Halloween Party set up and DONE
• Going to Albuquerque this weekend
• Seeing my girls in the primary program on Sunday
• Next week's Heroes episode
• Being able to yell "Off with your head" on Halloween

Things I want in my next house:
• Gated community - - and/or a better neighborhood
• Three-car garage
• My office/craft room downstairs
• A pool with a boulder/waterfall feature
• Pretty much every upgrade I have now. HA!

Favorite foods at the moment:
• Green chili
• Prime Rib
• Vanilla Coke Zero
• Dark chocolate covered almonds
• Crepes with bananas and chocolate chips

What I'm good at:
• Uh...... guilt?

What I'm proficient in:
• Writing/Spelling/Grammar
• Scrapbooking
• Physical stuff - rollerblading, skiing, batting in softball, etc...
• Playing the piano
• Cleaning my house

Wish I was better at:
• Feeding my family balanced meals
• Routines
• Navigating my new computer
• Organization
• Expressing gratitude

Things I'm a little obsessive about:
• Making beds every day
• Cleaning the floor
• My girls' hair
• Washing my hands
• Dealing with the mail the instant I see it

My must-haves - I must be in a "P" mood. I like alliteration.
• Pedicures
• Proactiv
• Peanut Butter, extra crunchy
• Pistachios
• Photoshop

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Sandi said...

Love your lists. I share one of your obsessions, MAIL.