I guess I'm it...

"Tagged" for 6 Random Things About Me - - didn't I just do this?? Okey Dokey, I guess I'll try to come up with some more things about myself.

1. K.I.S.S. I do not like long posts on blogs. Don't be offended if you're long-winded.

2. I prefer to write down my thoughts, rather than speak them. I can never say exactly what I mean to, but feel I am much more eloquent in print. You'll never catch me giving a talk or lesson without the WHOLE THING typed out.

3. I've barely been anywhere in the world, really. Furthest west? Maui. Furthest east? I guess Ellis Island.

4. I LOVE my calling as activities chairman. Can't wait to start planning the next big thing! I believe they all should be huge, fabulous, blockbuster-type activities with a lot going on at each one.

5. I've been married for NINE years next week. I couldn't have married anyone better.

6. I live for deadlines. I would never get anything done if it weren't for them.

I'm like that kid picked last for the team in grade school, so most everybody's already been tagged on their blogs, but I WILL pass this tag onto Janna.


Janna said...

Thanks for the tag... I may get to it ;0)
By the way... Your activities are fabulous. I love them!!!

bryn said...

so fun to read new little tid bits about people! by the way, tate is missing your girls terribly!!! we absolutely must plan a get together and meet somewhere half-way so they can play!

Scrap Happy said...

Bryn - it's a DEAL! I want to come see your new house too! Maybe Jackie and I will head over one day...

Sandi said...

Love your 6 things. You are the best at your calling. I love your activities. I too love deadlines. I am one of those people who writes things down on my list so I can cross them off.