Love and Logic Drain

The girls drained my energy this morning with fighting and arguing, so I unfortunately didn't have the energy to make them breakfast. Making beds and getting dressed would have helped, but darn, it was so sad, Allison started screaming instead. An hour later, Manda was dressed and had her bed made, but Allison was still screaming and crying about it because she was "starving" and "can't wait any longer" for breakfast. Sigh. I had to call the carpool off because I didn't want to make the other kids late. She finally got her act together, I made her breakfast, and we raced to school right at 9am. Sigh. This ended up being way more trouble for me than her, and it's totally set me behind this morning, She was complaining all the way to school that it was MY fault that she was late, because I was WASTING TIME this morning and didn't make her breakfast. Sigh. Didn't know how to handle it, without telling her that no, SHE was the one who caused the situation, but she didn't buy it...

It's a little difficult to pull off an "energy drain" when Josh still needs to be taken care of... so all she could see was me feeding HIM and not her.

What to do?


Carlos said...

Don't aks me, I raised Courtney! I guess just save it for later...you can embarrass her during her high school years. Then aks me.

Amberly said...

I'm proud of you for trying it instead of giving in to begin with- something will stick eventually!