Good Morning, Baltimore!

AAAaaahhhh... we're back! Now THAT was my kind of vacation.

Saturday - got on a plane, sans children. Survived the turbulent flight and terrifying landing, thankfully. Can now say that yes, those barf bags DO come in handy! Drove to Frederick. Had dinner at Dutch's Daughter, and it was every bit as good as memory served. Cream of crab soup? Still, to die for. Went to a movie, without worrying how late we'd be out or how much we'd have to pay a babysitter. Almost froze my tail off in the cold weather I wasn't dressed for. Good thing our rental car had warmers in the seats... niiiiice...

Sunday - slept in. Finished paperback novel #1. Had great conversation with Laurie. (Still want to be her when I grow up.) Had time to shower, wash, blow dry and straighten hair without interruption. What a concept! Got to church on time, for once. Listened to great talks. Felt the spirit. Was able to hug and catch up with Annette, Lynette, Joanna, Linda, Lori, Lauri, Kelly, and others. The church really IS more true in Mount Airy, by the way. Laughed and had dinner with the Lawrences - SUCH a great family. Spent the night at A & N Longs, after beating them to a pulp in Cranium.

Monday - spent the day shopping with Amanda, while Nick went to hang out with an old Bechtel friend. Lunch at Panera - yum! Drove to Baltimore, checked in at the Marriott Waterfront - nice! Took a nap while Nick yucked it up at his convention dinner. Finished book #2.

Tuesday - slept in. Worked out. Was able to do hair again without interruption. Got in the car and ventured over to East Point Mall, glad I was there in daylight hours. Checked out Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line I'd heard about, Bitten. Wow! Pretty cool, and SO inexpensive. Went back to the hotel. Took a nap. Drove to Mt. Airy. Quick 15 minute stop at Lucy's (kid's resale shop) resulted in $75 worth of new clothes for my kids. How I miss that place! Went to Enrichment. Great food and great conversation with some of the best people on the planet. There is not a finer, warmer group of ladies anywhere.

Wednesday - slept in. Worked out. Finished book #3. Waited for Nick to finish with convention, then ate at the inner harbor Cheesecake Factory. Stayed at A & N's house, where I did laundry (I HATE not doing laundry while on vacation!)

Thursday - Drove down to DC, attended temple session. Took a nap and finished book #4 on very calm plane ride home. Picked up my sweet little boy and slept in my own bed.

Friday - Saturday - Drove down to Safford to get the girls, ate at Casa, hung out with family, took the girls to the "Horton" movie (So cute! Impressive as a non-Disney!) Finished paperback #5. Chatted it up with yet another nephew who is planning to tie the knot soon. I'm gettin' old.

Sunday - Home at last. Whew.


Karen said...

It sounds like you had a good trip. I am glad you had a great time.

Aubrey said...

How long were these 5 books?

*Amanda* said...

A & L - who is the L? Hmmm - glad NICK made such an impression on you! :-) By the way, NICK starts with an "N"!

Janna said...

Im so glad you had fun:) I am glad you had some entertaining books on your trip!! Can't wait to get together!!

Amberly said...

there's something special about that side of the country, and the women who live there. I think the fact that you got to enjoy the food, shopping, friends and sleeping all without children is the best part.

Ashlee said...

I can't wait to have a trip like this....tell us about your books!

Cameron said...

Glad you guys had fun...Did you ever go back to that nasty seafood place you took me to my first time out there? What was it called...Bubba's?

Also, did I miss the big "thanks" for those that stayed home with the kids?

Anonymous said...

We did have a wonderful vacation (technically, a 4-day vacation wrapped around 2-day business conference). We really enjoyed getting back to Maryland and associating with all of our friends back there. Somehow cream of crab soup just makes everything that much finer.

Those grandparents and others who watched our young ones while we were away have received our repeated verbal thanks in private, but here is a public, written expression of our gratitude just in case there is any doubt. There is no way that we could have done it without you. Thank you very much!