Ahhh... the lazy days of summer

Who the heck made that saying up, anyway??

This week in review:

Sunday - girls camp meeting for Mom, a fun find on Craig's List for Mom, stake conference for Mom & the girls, a nap for Josh
Monday - volleyball for Mom, picked up friends for free lunch at the school, library for the girls, nap for Josh, swim lessons
Tuesday - movie for all, a bit of flip-flop shopping at the mall (With three kids! With no stroller!), lunch at Carl's Jr., swimming at the Legacy, car trip to Scottsdale to buy another find off of Craig's List, swim lessons, trip to the gym for Mom, late night run for diapers
Wednesday - kickboxing class for Mom, dance class for the girls, trip to the Children's Museum for a few hours, nap for Josh, kindergarten assessment and registration at the school for Manda, trip to northeast Mesa to view Mom's exciting Craig's List find, swim lessons, a decision to list Mom's monster computer desk on Craig's List
Thursday - volleyball for Mom, birthday party at Makutu's in Tempe for kids and Mom, trip to the car wash (hooray!), swimming at Cooper's house, trip to NE Mesa for Dad to pick up part of Craig's List find for Mom, swim lessons, an amazing quick sale of Mom's desk!
Friday - kickboxing class for Mom, home to shower, trip to the library to pick up prizes for summer reading program (A read all 35 books in 4 days to get those prizes!), quick trip to the post office, free lunch at the school, swimming at Sean's house for the girls, nap for Josh, Major Cleaning Operation by Mom in her craft room, picking up the girls, camp meeting at the church, Major Moving Operation by Mom and Dad to get Mom's desk downstairs and loaded into the truck, AND the Explorer, very slow and careful trip to Apache Junction to deliver said desk, trip to NE Mesa to pick up rest of Mom's Craig's List score - filling up both vehicles completely, home to rescue Amberly from our kids at last
Saturday - unloading Craig's List stuff from vehicles, yardwork for Dad, camp meeting for Mom, much-needed Walmart trip, nap for Josh, cleaning the kitchen, movie date with Grandma and Poppy for the girls...

hold your breath - the week's not over yet!


Margaret said...

Whew!!!!!!!!!!! You did have a good week!!! I am amazed how much
you get done!!

Ashlee said...

I to am amazed at all you do! I want more details on the CL finds!

Carlos said...


Sandi said...

And the beat goes on, on, on, on, on..... (Oh you may be too young to know that song, as your father-in-law)