The fact that my two oldest darlings want to watch TV 24/7 makes their mother crazy. And usually, makes us late in the mornings for wherever we want to go. And most often, creates an environment where it's just TOO HARD to get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, and basically get any chores whatsoever accomplished in the morning hours.

So, I thought I'd outsmart them. Last night I hid in my nightstand the remote control, without which it's impossible to get to the guide or change the channels on the TV.

Ahhh... everyone was up, fed, dressed, with jammies put away and beds made... and we were out the door exactly on time at 8am. Genius!

And I didn't even have to be the bad guy!

A even commented that it was easy to get ready when we don't watch TV! Ya think, kid?

Alas, this afternoon, they bypassed my system, put a movie in, and are using the DVD remote to watch that darned electric box downstairs.

I'll have to come up with another plan for tomorrow morning...


Sandi said...

Here is a crappy idea they will hate. How about just saying--"no TV" and then not letting them turn it on? You're the Mom.

brooke said...

They are brilliant! It is a major effort to keep them outsmarted--inspiration will continue to keep you on your toes. You are a great mom--keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The best enforceable consequence is bypassing the need to administer a consequence in the first place. Great job!