My goals as a mother.

In cleaning out my craft room, I found this list I wrote YEARS ago, probably before I ever had Allison. Nowhere else to put it, so here on the blog it goes... please don't comment if you think I've failed so far...! ha!

1. Have respectful, intelligent and sweet children.
2. Work side by side with my husband to give our children a full understanding of the gospel, and help them develop unwaivering testimonies.
3. Develop good habits in my children - cleanliness, politeness, following through.
4. Set a good example to my children.
5. Teach them the value of work and to be responsible with money.
6. Stress to them the importance of family.
7. Create an environment of open communication, where they feel comfortable talking to us.
8. Teach them to be physically active, and develop their abilities in sports.
9. Record the everyday moments.
10. Remember to play.


Amberly said...

this is the outline of your family mission statement. put it in a frame on your wall so you (and they) will see it every day. and for the record, you're not doing so bad.

Deirdre Eagar said...

Those are awesome goals! And I'm laughing just a little ;)

Sandi said...

Wow, good daily reminder of what you want in your home. Love the list. If YOU feel you are failing, don't fret, just keep the working at it. You are doing great.

Carlos said...

Three out of ten isn't all that bad as long as you keep working on the others. You go girl! Remember, that any one of these laudable goals that requires the cooperation of children for you to get the star--you may have to wait until they are adults.

brooke said...

I have wanted to tell you that I could feel the peacefulness and love in your home on Sunday. There was such a sweet spirit.
I would say that you are striving well toward achieving such admirable goals. Seeing them written down makes them look alot easier than the day-to-day work, isn't it. You are doing a great job. I love you.