Highlights from the concert:

Black Eyed Peas as the opener. "Let's get it started!" They certainly did.

Fergie's legs. HELLO! Who do I have to sell my soul to to get a pair??

"Where is the love" - that Taboo guy was the ultimate dork. Can you get any more cheesy? LOL.

Will I Am's colorful language and his strong feelings about his favorite song, Pump It.

Unbelievable, ginormous rocket ship stage.

Bono's introduction of the rest of the band. You could feel the respect that he has for each one of them, and could tell what a great camaraderie they have, especially with The Edge wearing his "post-apocalyptic gingham"...

The Edge. I'm in awe of him every time I go to a concert. The three different guitars he played, the 20 plus songs he led, his voice... Side note: This guy can probably go out in public any time and not get recognized, without his skull cap. You think??

Bono and the Edge doing "Stuck in a Moment" alone, without drums or bass. Amazing.

"Elevation" - Funnest song to sing along to...

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" - Can this song seriously be more than 25 years old? It was incredible, still. U2 ROCKED it.

The entire stadium singing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" - Fergie tried to do this with "Big Girls don't Cry", but it didn't quite work... hee hee...

Bono pulling three girls up on stage and dancing with them while the crowd sang the "ooooh" part of (which song was it again?"

I swear, this guy is the ultimate performer. Everything he does, every move he makes is just COOL.

Sigh. Too bad they only come around every four years...

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