The best Sunday of the year.

You know which one I'm talking about - Primary Program Sunday! We had such entertainment today, I loved it! A and M both did okay with their parts, though M was taken aback when she couldn't read the word "phrase" (We've been practicing her part without that word, I guess... "President Thomas S. Monson likes to quote {the phrase} ... The family that prays together stays together!" Bria stole the show with her boisterous, and only once in a while, off-key voice, gotta love her! She definitely had some competition with her classmate Caleb - hilarious - and M was ironically so not Christlike, as she was having a shoving match and arguing with her classmates, all during the song "I'm trying to be like Jesus" ... Hilarious. You just have to sigh and shake your head when half the kids that knew their parts inside and out yesterday were too nervous to speak at the podium today! It's so great not to have to sit with my kids during sacrament meeting - - why don't we do this several times a year???

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