Hooray -

Hooray for fall break being almost over. I don't know how much more of this fun togetherness I can handle.

Hooray for great weather. A/C has been off for several days now, and all of our windows are open. I actually wore jeans yesterday and didn't suffer a heat stroke. I even made SOUP yesterday!!!

Hooray for German pancakes. So much less effort, and so much more yummy than regular pancakes. Especially topped with fruit and sour cream sauce.

Hooray for the grocery store down the street. They've almost always got what I need, and have a super-fast delivery service. Sorry if you don't have one like it.

Hooray for the Children's Museum. After not being there for a few months, the kiddos really enjoyed it this week.

Hooray for Craig's List, and for Emily's yard sale. I'm slowly de-junkifying around here.

Hooray for nasal-spray type flu vaccines.

Hooray for Photoshop. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Hooray for J being able to communicate SO much better - yesterday we talked about riding bikes, to the park, maybe with Cooper, and he said "Bie... Par... perper" over and over again. He gets it.

Hooray for U2! Eleven days and counting!

Hooray for the truck, who at least is running at the moment. We're hoping to get another 6 months out of our new tires and registration before selling it and getting a car.

Hooray for Ebay. Things I've received in the mail this week? A super cute necklace, a new cartridge for my Cricut, and a Hannah Montana wig for A.

Hooray for Thursday night volleyball. It's been a while, and my muscles are feeling it this morning. Somehow it's a completely different workout than when we play in the mornings with just the girls...

Hooray for girls who play "school" even when they're on fall break. They obviously enjoy it while they're there, which makes me happy.

Hooray for a little 6-yr-old who made it on the principal's list (all A's) and for a little 8-yr-old who made it on the honor roll.


Amberly said...

who has delivery service?? what am I missing out on?

Scrap Happy said...

Cooper, the delivery man, silly!