They're ON!

And so begins our era of orthodontia. We take donations in the form of cash, check or paypal. Thanks.
A was great in her first "real" appointment, and was so excited to pick out BLUE rubber bands (even though Mommy tried to dissuade her, and go for silver). The office we went to gives out tokens at each appointment, for keeping her teeth clean, braces cared for, etc... A is hoping she can earn enough tokens to get the big prize = a DS - And, looking at this snaggletooth smile, I'm thinking she might actually go often enough to actually earn it. We'll fix all the craziness happening on the bottom teeth first, and then once she gets more teeth in on the top, we can start all of that too. Fun fun!


Staci Kramer said...

Its so good you guys are starting this process young. By the time she cares about it those teeth will be perfect. These pics are sure to turn up in the wedding video in about 18 years, right?

Alison said...

Lea was talking about her braces today. She loved that they are blue! :)