Chore Placemats.

I found this idea several months ago, and we finally got around to actually making them last night. The girls drew self portraits, and picked out their own papers and letter stickers. We embellished a bit, stuck it all on a backing of posterboard, and covered the whole thing with clear Contact paper. Finished size is about 18" by 12".
I love how each of the placements reflect each girl's personality so well. On either side are listed their "Morning" and "Evening" lists of chores. These are a little more elaborate than I'd originally planned, but they turned out super cute and my kids liked picking out their own stuff. (It's not often I let them have free reign with my "good" scrapbook papers and rub-ons and such!) These will stay on our kitchen table and be reminders for all they're supposed to accomplish. We'll see if they work... M seems to respond to lists, and checking things off, way better than her older sister. I think I'll make one for J too, but find clipart pictures of his chores, versus typing up a list.


Amberly said...

these turned out so great! I'm not sure how I feel about you getting all productive after I leave... I'm missing out on all the projects!

The Malone's said...

Very cute, I love it.

Lisa said...

SUper cute, Shello.

I may have to copy you. (OH NO!)