Stuff going on.

J alternating between telling me "NOOOoooooooooo!" and running away, or completely being sweet and saying "Shore Mom!"

Finally putting posts and products and projects up on my design blog - shelliedesign.blogspot.com. Check it out!

M thankfully falling asleep in front of the tv two nights in a row this week, and then completely on her own last night, without any drama or threats to run away.

Fitness challenge ending in just three days! Yippee - I get to have a treat next week!

J and I have been going over animal sounds while driving in the car all week. He makes about the cutest monkey sound you'll ever hear! "Muh-tee say ooo ooo eee eee ah ah!"

A practicing for her school talent show performance. Should be super cute, with her gymnastics tricks, plus 5 other kids from her class dancing to "Surfin' Safari, and don't forget the homemade surfboards...

Spending lots of gas visiting friends in NE Mesa. (!)

Finally painting M's nightstand that Papa made her months ago. Thankfully paint hides lots of woodworking sins, and junk piled on top of a nightstand will hide a lot of painting sins as well!

Eating way too many "wah-bees" this week - that's "strawberries", in case you don't speak 2-year-old. Note to self: Too many "wah-bees" eaten during the day causes a certain 2-year-old to throw up in the middle of the night.

Picking out black and white fabric for new valances and curtains and pillows in the family room - finally! Can't wait to get rid of the red and yellow plaid!

Cleaning out my tupperware-lid drawer. How is it that the lids seem to multiply, while all the containers disappear? I've probably got 20 extra lids...

So totally into the show "Fringe" - anybody else? Let's discuss this alternate universe, shall we? Who's trying to cross to this side, you think? Could it be "Walternate" ?

Oops, apparently being late to pick up kids from school. Again!

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Amberly said...

I'm super excited about the design blog. I'm also excited you're making progress toward a new family room, but I think it should be in a new house! The tupperware dejunking is just the first step in getting ready to move!