Things going on:
• Attended M's graduation last week, plus lots of "end of school" parties for the girls. Will post pics soon!
• Went to a "card swap" party on Friday night. I love my girlfriends! It was fun. I'll take a pic of all the cards we made and post it.
• Watching and loving lots of season finales on TV. SIGH - It's gonna be a long summer.
• Reading lots of books from the library. I just started another Sophie Kinsella book and A started Percy Jackson "Lightning Thief" today. I also checked out "Heat Wave" from the show Castle (which I'm new to, and liking a lot!) - I'll let you know how it is!
• Inviting myself to anyone's house who has a pool.
• Maintaining weight since end of fitness challenge, hmmm... I guess I need to pick up those good habits again before I'm going to make any more progress.
• Losing TEETH! One of M's bottom front teeth fell out last week, and now one of her top front is very loose - the VERY SAME one our old dentist said was calcified and would never come out on its own, the one they wanted to pull. HA! I knew I made the right decision leaving them.
• Dealing with warts on M's fingers. SIGH, not fun. She won't let me touch them, yet she keeps scraping them on things and then they bleed, hurt, I need to make a dermatologist appt...
• Attending lots of birthday parties on the docket. We went to a party at Skateland on Saturday. M took a lesson beforehand, which was great. I think I'm the one that had the most fun skating, though! I want new rollerblades...!
• Planning J's birthday coming up next week - yikes, better get organized. I intended to have J's quilt done for his bed by his birthday - oops - I guess it's gonna be a while in the toddler bed still, until I get it finished - I refuse to get him a big twin bed until there's something to put on it!
• Needing to get my vacuum fixed, because it sucks. Or rather, it has stopped sucking altogether. My carpet is disgusting, and I can't do anything about it!
• Needing new tires on my car, in a bad way. We've always done Discount Tire in the past - any other recommendations, that maybe won't cost me 700 bucks?
• Needing to get our carpet cleaned, also in a bad way. Why does everything have to cost money??


Rachel said...

I have a carpet cleaner that you may borrow for free. I've always taken my car to Big O for tires - I like their warranty which covers nails, glass, etc. If I get a flat they fix it for free and get free alignment too.

Ashlee said...

Costco for tires! I will have to check out Heat Wave - I like Castle too. And on warts...duct tape - weird, but it totally works.

Scrap Happy said...

We've done months of duct tape, it shrinks them for a while, but they come back... sick of it!