Things I love.

I love when my family comes to visit, I love when my middle child has a good day at school, I love naps (both mine and J's), I love wasting long afternoons reading fun books, I love when my whole family sits around the same table and everybody actually eats dinner, I love to not pay for babysitters, I love to LAUGH, I love sleeping in, I love to wake up to kids who have already eaten breakfast without destroying the kitchen, I love produce baskets, I love to exercise, I love when my favorite sports bra is clean, I love to hit a great volleyball serve, I love the sun, I love clean rooms (and I love them even more when someone besides me cleans them), I love having excuses to throw things away, I love that my kids have friends that want to play with them, I love unexpected good deals, I love fresh strawberries, I love when my car is clean and vacuumed, I love it when our lawn is mowed, I love it when my friends throw parties and invite me, I love good dinners, I love great treats, I love having plans to look forward to, I love when the house is quiet and everyone else is asleep...

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