Stuff going on.

Computer is no longer sick. (yeah!) Turned out to be the hard drive. Under warranty (yeah!) Data recovery? Not backed up and NOT covered under warranty. (boo.)

I think I finally got all my programs re-installed (yeah!) but I still don't have 90% of my contacts, since my email database was corrupted. (boo) I'm trying not to think about everything that was in my email that I lost. Please email me if you ever want to hear from me again.

School has started. (yeah!) M got the teacher we wanted. (yeah!) A did NOT (boo) but I'm hoping it turns out better than it seemed on the first day of school...

J has a MIND OF HIS OWN and wants to DO EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Except go potty. He's perfectly content in a diaper. (boo) SIGH. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO POTTY TRAIN MY KID. AND YES, I KNOW HE'S MY THIRD AND I SHOULD GET THIS BY NOW, BUT I DON'T, OKAY??? He woke up dry this morning so I sat him on the potty, which he screamed about, put him in big boy underwear, which he wasn't thrilled about, asked him 10 times to sit on the big potty, and the little potty, but he wouldn't, and approximately 2.1 minutes later I was cleaning carpet. (boo)

I need someone to come clean my house. It's so dirty I don't even know where to start. (boo)

This is fruit week in our Fitness Challenge, and altogether enjoyable. (yeah) Not looking forward AT ALL to push-up week next week though, since I have not been preparing myself. (boo)

J starts preschool in three weeks. (yeah!)

Went to Finny's birthday party today at the Tempe splash park, or whatever they call it. Can I just say I LIKE MY FRIENDS??? Losing 25 pounds this year makes it a little easier to stand next to them, too, since they're all total skinny-minis.

We then headed over to the Children's Museum for an hour and a half this afternoon. I was ready to fall asleep driving on the way home, but still, J did not take a nap. (boo)

School starting has brought with it again the "We must be playing every single second with our friends down the street" syndrome. Dinner is cold on the table, it's now time to get in the bath, homework is not done, but all three of my kiddos are gone. Signing off now so I can go round them up...

Went through all my pictures from my nephew's wedding over the weekend. Sigh, they're just so flippin' cute! (The couple, not the pictures...)

A got in trouble at school today not once, not twice, but THREE times for talking, enough that the teacher had to call me to tell me what was going on. Oh goodness, I hope this is not the start of an unpleasant relationship, and year, with A's teacher.

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