I get it.

Why a LOT of people want to move out of our slightly ghetto-ish area. But why they want to move away from me, I'm not sure exactly, because really, I am delightful. Just ask me. I just wish they would have all moved to the same flippin' AREA, at least. Check this out, off the top of my head (I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting) :

Rockwoods - Gilbert (yes, I know it's been a while but I'm still bitter about not having a carpool buddy)
Lisonbees - Laveen
Reissners - where did they go again?
Goodmans - North Carolina, but they missed me, so they moved back to Laveen.
Stephens - Chandler
Parmenters - Colorado
Evans - Gilbert
Tryons - Queen Creek
Millers - San Diego
Eagars - central Phoenix
Robinsons - Northeast Mesa
Harlows - Washington
Hatches - Avondale
Shermans - Ahwatukee
Fullmers - Chandler (hey, at least they can hang with the Stephens)
Bruces - leaving us soon for Paradise Valley
and I swear, if the Austins move to three different places I just might break down and cry.

SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE??? These are all my friends (or at least people I thought were amazing to be around) that I used to see on a weekly basis, if not more often! Why, oh why couldn't they all have coordinated and at least have moved to the same TOWN??


brenda hatch said...

The Reissners are out here with us! I wouldn't care if you moved over here too!

Torey said...

I vouch for a Carter family move to Queen Creek - we love it out here.. and it's relatively helicopter free.

The Malone's said...

You're forgetting that we did move, but we STAYED in the area. I can see my friendship means alot to you....

jayme said...

We miss you too. Josi keeps reminiscing about the Carters and how much she loves the Carters.

jaust.me said...

Hey we made the list. ;) Moving means I may actually have time to read blogs, although a month or so late.
Btw, the Stephens are not even in the same STAKE as us, even though we live about a mile apart!