I want to make

one of these - or at least something similar to it. I'm thinking little skulls or pumpkins instead of fans...

15"–17" grapevine wreath
Dry twigs
Wired candy corn, spiders, skeletons, fans of orange paper
Spool of fishing line
Artificial web
Small skeleton
Insert dry twigs in a vine wreath.
Tie on wired candy corn, spiders, skeletons, fans of orange paper, etc. with fishing line.
Drape artificial web over wreath.
Tie on skeleton at bottom of wreath.


Amberly said...

make two. I'll buy one. but it has to be BIG... my door is gigantic!

Deirdre Eagar said...

I want one too! Maybe we could do it on our little vaca?

The Malone's said...

OK I 'm in. Ahh, you two talked me into it.

Scrap Happy said...

Well we can't take the Honda if we expect to get four of these back home in any kind of display condition- too delicate to transport!

Anonymous said...

ok. I want one too! LOL! You can almost ALWAYS count on me to want something that you come up with!!! Have a CRAFT DAY at Shellie's!!! We'll all come over and make one or two! I'll even bring some appetizers or desserts if we get hungry doing all that cute work! I saw some ADORABLE small glittery pumpkins at Kirtland Home that might be good in there.

Scrap Happy said...

Everybody be on the lookout for all the pieces, and we'll organize a craft night and put them together! Spiders, pumpkins, very twiggy-grapevine wreaths, little skeletons, fake candy corns we can put wire on... I say anything that's shiny and glittery with any sort of BLING