Deirdre, will you make me one of these??

How can I score some ASU fabric/embroidered Sparky to create this reversible tote - anyone??


The Malone's said...

Why your at it D, you know you really should make the "TRUE" devil's fan one. I mean come on, she doesn't even have tickets this year.

Deirdre Eagar said...

Im glad you two think I have so much spare time. You are both excellent seamstresses. Make your own dang bags!

jayme said...

As for the embroidered Sparky, just cut one out of some fabric slap on some interfacing (use two sided stuff to make it stick to Sparky AND the bag)and applique it.
I bet you can find ASU fabric at a local fabric store, they always have team fabrics. Or just order some online.