30 Projects in 30 days.

Let's see how productive I can be! Okay, I don't know if I'll actually count, bit I am deeming this month, from today until Spring Break, as "Month of Finishing Unfinished Projects" - - who's with me?? I've got a few successes under my belt this last week, and they have given me hope! What projects have been lingering around your to-do list for YOU to finish? Can I help? Do you want to get together so we can accomplish things together?? I'm not taking full responsibility of ALL of these, some should totally be on my husband's plate...

On My To-Do List:
1. M's fleece Knot-a-Quilt. (that we've had for at least 2 years, I think) I spent HOURS on this today, and finally, all the squares are assembled and the knots are tied. Now all there is to do is decorate each square (all 42 of them) with the cutout designs. Hopefully this part will be easy. My fingers are so tired from all the tying today!

4. This is a biggie - J'S QUILT. Ugh, I don't know why I procrastinate sewing projects so much. Most of the hard parts are done on this, hoping to tackle this tomorrow and make some progress.

6. Either finish painting the scallops & the ceiling in the girls' room, or give up all together and paint over them, once and for all.

8. Sand and re-paint M's nightstand (hmmm... do I still have that white paint?)

10. Sell our black secretary/bookshelf on Craig's List. Find a place to store all the books.
11. Move our (new) (hand-me-down) dresser into guest room downstairs, and put A's clothes in it.
12. Disassemble A's white bed upstairs, and find a place to store it (Senny's room perhaps????) Yep, it's time to separate the girls. Too many issues.
13. Figure out external hard drive again, and back up my computer.
14. Plan out A's new bedding, and shop for fabrics.
15. Get new plug for, or get my husband to figure out, the electricity for our instant hot water on our sink. Hello, it's been disconnected for like 2 years. Ridiculous.
16. Make my flippin' blue and brown bedskirt I started 3 years ago. (Sewing project. Are you sensing a pattern here??)
17. Santa penny rug, requiring a bunch of hand sewing, which I HATE. This one's been about 80% finished for 2 years. Sigh.
18. Research plans and options, and then get new phones.
20. Repaint the white spackled, patched hole in the red wall behind the treadmill. I fixed the hole, even though I did not make the hole, and I don't think I should have to paint the hole too. Humph. I'm not naming any names here as far as who made the hole in the wall, but it DID happen to be just the same size and shape as N's running shoe. I'm just sayin'.
21. Get our family pictures planned, scheduled and taken (This is actually MUCH higher on the priority list - not last)

To be continued...


Amberly said...

I'll pray you keep the motivation, it would be awesome to have all of these done! and yes, we would be more than happy to store A's bed, that would be fantastic!!

Courtney said...

Can I see your secretary/bookshelf? We need a desk for Nathan!

Courtney said...

and my mom planned family pics for april 16th...so you have one done!

Aubrey said...

Do #18 first and get an iPhone. Then it can do everything else on the list for you. (Santa rug? There's an app for that.)

Staci Kramer said...

Just when I got my boys' room decorated perfectly with bunk beds and a theme that would fit both of them I have to separate them. Like your girls, too many issues! The universe likes unfinished projects I swear.

Staci Kramer said...

Oh, also, would you do me a favor and tell your sis-in-law to make her blog public again or to invite me. I swear I wont stalk her children.

jaust.me said...

did you procrastinate on getting rid of that secretary?