Well, let's discuss it, shall we? **Warning: longest post ever.**

First things first. I know a lot of people said they wouldn't watch once Simon left - but if you haven't seen it yet this season, then you have seriously missed out. I LOVE the new judges. I've always been a fan of Steven Tyler - I heart Aerosmith, ST is crazy talented and well, just plain crazy sometimes, but everything he says just seems to ring true, like he knows what he's talking about. And who knew he was funny too?? So much fun on the panel. J-Lo is awesome too - always put together and beautiful, and smart, without having Paula's nonsensical blubbering. She seems to draw on her wealth of experience with each comment. Randy seems to be a little more eloquent this season - maybe that comes from sitting in chair #3 instead of #1. Time will tell whether he will dumb it down and pull out the "Yo Dawg" and the "For you for me," etc.

Second Point: As much as I love the judges, hello, they put WAY too many people through to Hollywood. Sigh. That's why I haven't posted until now - there were just TOO many wannabes that didn't deserve to be there. Like that Ashley chick (you know the one, the insane anorexic one who looked like Lindsey Lohan's cousin? Yep, that's her. At least she was able to get married in Vegas. Insert eye-rolling here. Granted, she was entertaining.) And gag me with Tiffany "Snooki" Rios "I'm tired of seeing other people try to do what I know I can." Ack. She was delusional and had a horrid voice. And Jacee? Come on, sweet kid, but you know as well as I do, as well as the judges did, that a fat, awkward 15-yr-old with a small voice is never going to make it on the live show. I was quite impressed, however, how he calmly accepted being KICKED OUT on group night. Wow. I would have broken down and commenced sobbing, or screaming, or both. But I digress: there are 24 important people to discuss, so I won't spend any more time on people like them.

Third - Who I think does NOT deserve to be in the top 24:
#1 on that list, Brett Loewenstern - the resident Keebler elf. I think he was an extra on Lord of the Rings - he played Legolas' red-headed step-child. Yes, I'm being a little harsh, but that boy is just odd, his voice isn't that great, and he will not be loved by America. Nuff said.
#2 on the non-deserving list: Scotty McCreery. What's his one, great talent? His deep voice? That's it? He's not even all that cute! I would have rather had John Wayne cowboy dude on the show - now HE was interesting.
(I know I have commented on looks here, but it's not as if they can be ignored. I have to look at these people every week for next couple of months! (And it's all about me!) It cracks me up when the judges say they're looking for "the entire package" - ummm, what does that mean? BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, that's what.)
#3 on the non-deserving list: Jovany Barreto. Insert bigger eye-roll here too, for the mexican mafia dude who showed his abs to Paula on his first audition day. Puh-lease.
#4, 5 and 6 - other guys I don't really like - Clint Jun Gamboa (rude, full of himself) Jacob Lusk (absolutely scary when he sings, his mouth and tone are freaky, and he's way too flaming for me - I think he would be fantastic on Broadway, he just seems to be more of a "character") and Jordon Dorsey (again, RUDE. Thinks he's God's gift to music, and to this show. I predict he will not go very much farther because of his attitude.)
#7 - on to the girls. Tatysnisa Wilson - seriously? She's not shown me anything that impresses.
#8 - Karen Rodriguez - (I think both of these last two were added for diversity-sake.)
#9 - Not a huge fan of Thia Megia yet - but withholding judgment. We'll see if she's really got what the judges think she does. She just doesn't seem to have any stage presence.
#10 - Also not a fan of Julie Zorrilla. (you know, with the immigrant parents from Columbia?) She plays to the camera way too much, too flirty, and seems a little too confident for this stage in the game. She leaves a bad taste in my mouth each time I see her.

Fourth: Whew. Now on to my favorites so far!
#1 - Casey Abrams - um, WOW. That's all there is to say. This dude is amazing. He may look like Buddy the Elf's brother, but he has the voice, the incredible musical ability, the style to go all.the.way. Can't wait to see what he'll do next. How much do you LOVE IT when he plays the bass?
#2 - James Durbin - um, WOW again. This guy has got way more impressive pipes than Lambert, and way more of a sob story. LOVE HIM. Totally rooting for him. And his Tourettes. (sp?)
#3 - Tim Halperin - oh, wow, love him too. On and piano and off. Have not seen nearly enough from him yet, but totally looking forward to it.
#4 and 5 - Paul McDonald (dark horse, possibly) & Robbie Rosen (amazing depth for so young!) - - both are very, very good as well. Hope they stay in it until the top 10.
#6 - Lauren Alaina - so flippin' sweet. 16 years old. How can you not love her? She also knows she's good, but it doesn't seem to be annoying like it is on other singers.
#7 - Haley Reinhart - so versatile.
#8 - Rachel Zevita - finally, she made it - this girl is SO so talented, with all of her range and all of her lovely tone. I'm predicting top 5???
#9 - Ashthon Jones - eek, I like her so much too.
The rest of the girls.... eh, they're just all right. Naima Adedapo might turn out to be interesting... We shall see.

Sidenote - It's called American Idol, people. Stop singing Spanish in your auditions.

SO - who are your favorites? Have you been watching? Did you see THESE?


Amberly said...

our household pretty much agrees with yours, although this is a lot to keep up with! it took me three days to get through this last episode and it's on three times this week, geesh! and you said paula, not jennifer. that was a little funny. I'm loving the judges big time.

jaust.me said...

Alright, I wholeheartedly agree on Casey. He is awesome! Second, you know way too many of these people way too well already. I really like James too, but I think he doesn't have the control that Lambert does.
I disagree on Scotty. He's not really cute, but he's so sweet and his deep voice is interesting to me. I would have kept John Wayne too. And I'm not a country music fan.
I can't really single out many of the girls yet but that Columbian girl is getting on my nerves. Her skirts keep getting shorter, but no less poofy. At some point (last week) that just becomes disturbing.