Beach kids. Edit.

My cuties could stay at the beach ALL DAY LONG. As could their mother. We made a quick trip last week with the Foushees to California and spent two days at Newport Beach.  Aaaaahhhhh. J spent his time playing in the sand and collecting shells.
I.Love.This.Photo. Maybe I should make it sepia tone and print a big poster for J's room???
M and A played in the surf. Beach babes, these two! M says her favorite part was jumping over the waves with A.
I tried to get in as much reading as I could while still keeping track of six kids. A discovered the art of laying out though - she was just laying on the sand in the sun  "Oh, mom, this is SO nice. M you HAVE to come try this - just come lay down and relax!"  It.was.awesome.  Next month's family beach trip is going to be SO MUCH FUN! 

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Amber said...

Love the footprint one too.