Phoenix vs. Mesa, the showdown

So far:
Mesa neighborhood vs. Phoenix neighborhood - Mesa wins.
Mesa car insurance rates vs. Phoenix - Mesa wins.
Mesa commute to work vs. Phoenix - Mesa wins.
Mesa libraries vs. Phoenix - tie.
Mesa library website vs. Phoenix - Phoenix wins.
Mesa schools gifted programs vs. Phoenix - Phoenix wins.
Mesa Walgreens vs. Phoenix Walgreens - Mesa wins.
Mesa Fry's vs. Phoenix Fry's - Phoenix wins.
Mesa post offices vs. Phoenix's South Mountain Post office? - come on, you know the answer to this one.
Mesa swim team vs. Phoenix swim team - Phoenix wins.
Mesa's AZ Desert Dolphins synchronized swimming vs. Phoenix's ..... - Mesa wins.
Everything else is TBD ...


Amberly said...

you haven't been to the right fry's, our totally wins. and I can be saving money on my car insurance?? gonna have to look into that. what about that fact that your husband had a time-consuming calling in phx, doesn't mesa win that one?

Amberly said...

wait, I'm not done. proximity to Trader joe's- Mesa wins.
the abundance of big, mature, green trees- mesa wins.
not having to mow your back lawn- mesa wins.
I could probably keep going...

Scrap Happy said...

OOH, forgot about the calling. Mesa totally wins on that one. This list is just starting, believe me!

Amberly said...

see, the phx calling was soooo bad, you've already blocked it from your memory! 10 points to Mesa!

and shall we give a few points for fewer police helicopters overhead?

Rebecca Rushton said...

Remind me...what calling did you guys receive? Oh and BTW, the carpet shampooer works great, heater and all!

brenda hatch said...

Is there any post office worse than the one in So Phx?!

Glad you love Mesa :)