NEMO party *edit*

I have a great kid. Actually I have three great kids. My baby turned four this week, and I threw him a big fun NEMO-themed birthday party today and invited a whole bunch of So Pho friends out to see our new house. I think we had 18 kids here? I admit it was a little ambitious to host such a big to-do after just moving in. Thank goodness the other CHICK was around to help me get everything ready.  Luckily my birthday banner I made last year for Josh still sort of matched our theme, so I was able to use that again. We decorated with fish nets (courtesy of my kids' already fishy-themed bathroom) seashells (courtesy of J and our beach trip last week) and sand buckets. I also brought our goldfish in their bowl downstairs to be a centerpiece. Fun!  Soren I think had the best quote of the day, while watching our fish "I just can't stop watching them! I'm trying! I just can't stop!"  I also bought a big coral reef mural that went in our front room, where we played "Fish Fish Shark"  (instead of duck duck goose)  and read J's favorite book.  Also bought a big ride-on shark (Bruce) for the pool.
It was J's idea a while ago to have a NEMO themed party, because his favorite book in the world right now is "The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark" which we read every night. So, we called it a Nemo party and had everyone over to swim. Lisa did a dramatic reading of the book, and all the kids were enthralled.
  With orange and white napkins, plate, and orange striped cupcake pops (which were too expensive, next time I will make them myself) and lots of themey food, I think it turned out pretty well. We had Gil's Sea Shells (pasta roni shells and cheese), Dory's Doritos, Goldfish (which should have had a tag that said "Mr. Ray's school of Fish") ,
Swedish Fish (also should have been "Krill") , Peach's Peaches (we happened to have fresh peaches this week), Inky's octopus hot dogs with blue "ink" ketchup, (Can't you just hear it? "Aaaaaw, you guys made me ink!" )
and orange baby carrots with blue ranch dressing. Fun.
Finny enjoyed the hot dogs too!


jaust.me said...


Sadly, I just realized that I have probably thrown my last themed b-day party ever. Somehow, it seems like 13 is a little too old.

Scrap Happy said...

Monique you're welcome to come put on my next one. M's birthday is in September. LOL

Alison said...

It was awesome! Thank you so much and such creative little details. Love the new house and I'm glad everything went smoothly. Miss you though - Abbey keeps asking if Joshy is going to be at volleyball.

The Malone's said...

Sadly, I think Finn would really eat an Octipus that way.