An Attitude of Gratitude.

Lots to be thankful for today, as I looked over at my husband in church and thought, MAN, I'm lucky. 13 years we've gone so far. Happy anniversary honey!

1. I'm grateful that my husband sits next to me in church now. The kids act 100% better and I don't spend sacrament meetings out in the foyer fighting with #2 and #3 anymore. I do tend to fall asleep more in church now, though.

2. Grateful that previously mentioned husband let me trim his hair yesterday, instead of doing it himself. It looks great!

3. Grateful that I was able to find coordinating head-to-toe outfits, shoes and accessories for the 5 people in our family for yesterday's family photo shoot. It took 4 days of running around to different stores and trying different combinations, and entirely too much worrying but I'm really happy of how our little family turned out. Got lots of excellent deals on things! I'm hoping the pictures reflect how well everything went together and how happy my kids were. (And that I don't look fat, of course)

4. Grateful that we were able to go out last night for our anniversary to see the Blue Man Group. I needed a night of laughing - - it was so totally entertaining! And even better that my hubby kept it a surprise from me until last night too! Thanks to Grandma, and the other Chick, for handling my kids to facilitate it.

5. Grateful that I was finally able to finish my book, the Son of Neptune. Oh wow, how I love this author and this series! I can't believe I have to wait a whole year for the next one to come out, ugh, that means I'll have to re-read all of the Percy Jackson series and these two Heroes of Olympus books again before I read a new one.

6. Grateful for food storage. I got up this morning and made minestrone, all from cans in my pantry, and homemade bread. Both were awesome, if I do say so myself! Will definitely be repeating that meal!

7. Speaking of food storage, I just recently bought and put in a huge can-rotator system in my pantry. Jackie, you'd be so proud. I'm not saying I'm OCD or anything, but it's just SO COOL to have everything perfectly organized! Now I need 5 more cans of Ranch beans, 9 more of tomato sauce, etc, etc. Ha Ha! Grateful for organization and the calm it brings me.

8. Grateful that my house is ALMOST FINISHED being painted. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, the big picture, whatever, and it's starting to look so good! Grateful that my husband and his friend have put so many hours into it.

9. Grateful that our winter grass got planted, though I'm NOT grateful for the hundreds of pigeons that have been eating it every day since.

10. Grateful that Halloween is over. I'm in full Thanksgiving/fall mode. Bring on the soup recipes and gratitude vinyl ideas!

11. I am so grateful for our house and neighborhood, and the weather. My kids get home every day from school and immediately jump on their bikes to ride around. Grateful that they've got some healthy habits for a change!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OK, you started out with being thankful for 13 wonderful years with your husband (Happy Anniversary, by the way), but only have 11 things to be thankful for overall. I'm OCD too. I need 13.
Oh! I KNOW one! You're thankful to be living so much closer to the other Chick!!! LOL! Now, whats the 13th one?????