Whew, another holiday come and gone. Mine was great, how about yours? I hosted the big dinner this year, which honestly I love, because I get to determine the menu AND wear slippers to dinner. Of course we had all the basics: turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc... and tried and true favorite recipes of garlic mashed potatoes, Trader Joes salad, stuffed mushrooms, dill dip with Hawaiian bread...I even tried to make Jackie's rolls, but I'll never be as good at them as she is. We invited my parents to come up, as well as had some favorite friends come over. Perfect sized group, great food, Mom's awesome pecan pie... what more could I ask for? I even made a lemon meringue pie this year, which was quite well received... here's our table setting... including Jackie's awesome turkey plates and vinyl-on-mini-pumpkins for our place cards.
After dinner I was so wiped that I didn't want to do much more than sit, so thank goodness Mom was there to clean up all my mess. I love my friends and family!

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